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Bookmakers may lose partnerships with English clubs

At the request of the Premier League, bookmakers may lose partnerships with English clubs.

Return of the European leagues

The main European leagues are preparing the return of trainings and competitions. Spain, England, Germany, Italy and Portugal have revealed the last days plans to finish the respective national championships.

France and the Netherlands are the exception.

Which are the best football leagues to bet on?

Newcomers to the betting world may wonder: which is the best league to bet on?
The answer may vary, depending on whether we're talking about punter bets or trading. As in almost anything, such ways of betting need to be addressed in different ways.

High and low odds

Chronicle by Paulo Rebelo published at the Penthouse Portugal Magazine of July 2012: "This is a myth in sport betting."

Movements in several markets

This is a chronicle written by Paulo Rebelo in the Penthouse Portugal magazine in the 2012 November issue intitulated "If the match is tied, the odd tends to drop towards the end of the match".

Elements to consider for the analysis of a football match

In sport bets, the analysis of matches is key to the success of anyone trying to earn money in the long run. Analysing a football match before placing a bet is obviously the most basic strategy you should follow if you wish to make a profit from your bets. In this article I try to sum up some basic elements that should be taken into consideration when analysing a football match.

Trading on the favourite, final minutes, drawn match

Trading with the favourite when the match is drawn and coming to a close can be quite hard.
Sometimes it is better to do nothing.

Last minute goals

Paulo Ribeiro's chronicle on Penthouse Magazine Portugal, May 2012
"Is there a more intense feeling than the massive adrenaline discharge of a last minute goal?"

Betting is fun

Paulo Rebelo's chronicle for Penthouse Portugal magazine, September 2012
"Everyone that gets into betting does so with the misconception that they will make a lot of money."

Short competitions / Season begin

In the absense of an history, the interpretation that is done during the game is the most important.
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