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Return of the European leagues

Return of the European leagues

The main European leagues are preparing the return of trainings and competitions. Spain, England, Germany, Italy and Portugal have revealed the last days plans to finish the respective national championships.

France and the Netherlands are the exception.

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Tuesday, May 5 2020

Premier League


In England, steps are being taken to allow a return to competition. After a more than three-hour meeting, all 20 Premier League clubs agreed to finish the league in eight neutral stadiums. The press has revealed that the stadiums of Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Brighton, Southampton, West Ham, Leicester and Aston Villa will be chosen to host the remaining matches. No club will play in its own stadium, so all teams are on an equal footing. The return to the competition is scheduled for June 12.



In Germany the process is ahead of schedule. Bundesliga should be the first to resume the competitive timetable. Each team will be assigned a protocol agent and tests will be planned before and at the end of each match, if the authorities give their consent. The German interior minister, responsible for sports, was in favor of the return of the Bundesliga later this month. The DFL proposes a return of the first two divisions in the middle or the end of this month, if authorized by the country's authorities, with games behind closed doors. We recall that in early April some clubs resumed training, under careful conditions and in small groups, including Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt, Wolfsburg, RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund.

La Liga


In Spain, the Ministry of Health does not agree with massive tests to those who do not present symptoms, which may compromise La Liga's plans. However, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez expressed his wish on Saturday that football could return soon, but left the decision in the hands of the federations and leagues. Starting May 4, Spanish teams will be able to return to training, but will have to comply with a strict security protocol. The Spanish project points to the return to training on May 4 and 11. Under the plan, players begin testing on Tuesday and three stages of preparation are planned before the competition resumes. After a period of individual training, La Liga players will be able to train in small groups, before they can concentrate as a team in their training centers.

Serie A


In Italy the protocol presented by the federation to the Italian government includes about four days dedicated exclusively to testing players, which will be divided into three groups, taking into account the level of risk. Italian football will know in the coming days the final decision on the return of trainings and competitions. The Italian Minister of Sports met with the leaders of the federation and professional leagues, as well as representatives of players, referees, fans and other agents. He also met with the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee, revealing that action will be taken on the possibility of returning to training. The minister's revelation comes a day after Serie A clubs voted for a return to competition and the conclusion of the championship, despite the reservations of eight clubs. The most optimistic forecasts point to the return on 27 or 28 May, when the Cup semi-finals are planned.

Primeira Liga


In Portugal the conditions for the return of football competitions began to be assessed on Friday, April 30, at the first meeting between the Government and the Portuguese Football Federation. The day before, in announcing the general lines of the beginning of the relieve of confinement measures, Prime Minister António Costa spoke about sports competitions and pointed out the weekend of May 30 and 31 as the provisional date for the resumption of the Portuguese League. For eight weeks, the last ten rounds of the league and the Cup Final will be played in Portugal. Before that, following a three-phase plan, players have already started training individually and will start training in groups in training centers and will play without public, with player concentrations of one-day templates and wearing masks for most of the time they are not on the field.

Ligue 1 and Eredivisie


In France and the Netherlands, regarding the possibility of resuming the national championships, the respective Federations, in agreement with their governments, decided that it wouldn’t be wise to resume the respective domestic competitions. The first league to confirm that the competition would not resume was the Eredivisie. Therefore, there will be no champion, promoted or relegated teams in the Netherlands. France also decided not to resume the competition, but the decision was not similar, as Paris Saint-Germain FC was declared champion.