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Do Luck and Misfortune exist in sports betting?

What if I tell you that all luck and all misfortune have already been predicted in each bet?

Studying goal moments: Minutes and Competitions

Knowing at which minutes the goals happen most often, what time of the game, and even in which competitions and phases, can be fundamental to making a bet.

Advices for beginners in Sports Betting

Listed below are some advices for beginners looking to become successful players.

Liability vs Stake

This is a short explanation intended for beginners to shed light on the difference between the liability of a bet in favour (Back bet) and the liability of a bet against an event (Lay bet).

Success factors in Sports Betting

This is the result of 4 months studying and following the markets. I have spent many hours reading and studying everything, I have watched all of Paulo Rebelo's videos and tested many things...

How can you live off trading?

It's not a myth! Lucrative trading methods are a reality for many traders. But without a simple and efficient method, living off trading is automatically out of the question!

But how can you design such a method?

The Law of Compensation

I had to try everything to be sure I'm naturally more gifted in the probability and Over/Under 2,5 markets.

Method for the "Both teams to score" market

The both teams to score market is an excellent choice for punters, since it possible to work based on a concrete data base and get incredible profits.

In this article I'm going to share my experience in this market, both my successes and failures, as well as the small details that can make the difference and help you grow your bank.

the team I support: turning a weakness into a strength

All experienced sports bet traders and betting sites tell us not to bet on the team we support because we won't be able to separate our emotions from reason.

Truth is we can turn that weakness into a strength and use it to win money in our bets.

What NOT to do in the betting game

We've all heard the advices and warnings of the other, more experienced better about common rookie bettor mistakes.

It is not always possible to learn from other's experience though, I had to lose my initial bank in full just to begin thinking about the mistakes I was making...

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