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The professional trader's marathon

The goal of a trader should be to be exposed to the market for a short time, scalping a few ticks, and closing position ensuring a small profit from each entry in the market.

Betting trading is a marathon and not 100 meters, because haste is the enemy of perfection and in trading your movements need to be perfect and concise.

Interpretation and analysis of Betfair market graphics

You have certainly wondered how is it possible to predict market movements in Betfair and how can you interpret the information presented at those markets.

Well then, to interpret that information you need to understand a few financial market concepts.

What is a betting bot, how do they work?

In short, a bot is a software that places your bets automatically at betfair, based on if{} conditions.

Making a bot is no more than programming the mathematical conditions that we already use mentally when we are performing a bet or trade.

What are the basics of horse racing in the UK?

Horse racing in Britain is big business and extremely popular. If you're new to British racing, then you need to examine the basics. You might be familiar with racing in another country, or new to the game altogether.

You may already know how it works in other countries, or it may all be new for you. Read more all here.

What should be done when Betfair is down?

Being trader carries risks.
One is that Betfair fails between a negotiation.
Sometimes we will win from the situation, others suffer.
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