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What should be done when Betfair is down?

What should be done when Betfair is down?
Being trader carries risks.
One is that Betfair fails between a negotiation.
Sometimes we will win from the situation, others suffer.
by Paulo Rebelo   |   comments 0
Thursday, January 29 2015

As always… Depends.

Depends on the money you have.

If you have a small banking, you can cover you position in other houses.

With a higher banking…

You can cover you position in BatDaq, but I confess that I have no money in BatDaq to prevent these situations, because having money with no movement, costs money (its non-profitable money).

In a very cold and rational way, I tell you (and I’m someone that was very affect by yesterday’s fail) that the best way of facing this situation is by thinking that this can happen (not getting angry when happens) and realize that, by the probabilities law, sometimes we’ll benefited by the situation and other times well be damaged.

“In your case, SirPauloR, in one of your videos you have a game were you get in with ~60k and you wait for a variation of a few ticks in odds above the par, let’s assume that Betfair fails in that same instance and meanwhile the market goes against (a goal). What will you do?”

Correction: That value was the total of bets made during one game, not one bet. But answering to the question, if Betfair fails and my team suffers a goal, I’ll do the same as if my team scored a goal, meaning, nothing.

There is nothing I can do.

Edit: March 2015:

How can you know if there are any problems with Betfair website?

Follow this link to check the current status of all Betfair services. There you find out if betfair is down, or what services are down. You also have all the scheduled maintenance, unexpected errors or temporary unavailable of betfair webiste and its services. 


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