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Games were legalized in the Netherlands

After regulation, games are legal in the Netherlands.

Care not to fall into gambling addiction

It's important to analyze how you handle betting emotionally.

Betway introduces new partnership with GiG

Bookmaker Betway introduced its new partnership with GiG.

Flutter Entertainment will limit losses for young players

Sports betting company Flutter Entertainment will limit losses to young players.

What's betting for you: entertainment or business?

There are a few types of player profiles, each with a different view of betting.

Betting on smaller events

Less attractive competitions can be a good way to profit.

Goal Expectation and its influence on betting

This statistic has influenced the way to bet.

Difference in decimal and fractional odds on betting

We'll explain how each works and the main difference between them.

Lost straight bets? Know the reasons and what to do

Several negative results turn on a warning signal about what the errors are.

Guide to the Italian Championship season 2021/2022

All information about the new season of Serie A.
No tv schedule yet for US (change)

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1 Carlos Santos0433 20€ 3,233%
2 silvasilva 17,5€ 1,787%
3 emef11 15€ 1,669%
4 Fbaptista 12,5€ 1,288%
5 Pedroso Filipe 10€ 1,204%
6 King The North - Tipster 10€ 1,196%
7 anfirol 10€ 1,171%
8 evertonquel 10€ 1,109%
9 vava89 10€ 1,063%
10 Andre Branco 10€ 877%
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