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Libertadores will catch fire! See some interesting betting tips.

Palmeiras x Santos will make an electrifying match for the title of the Libertadores da América.

How can you become a professional tipster?

There is no good or bad luck for a tipster: everything is Sports Betting comes down to mathematics.

I this article I'm going to address everything you need to know to become a professional tipster: specialization, minimal and optimal odd lines, bank management, strategy, drawing lines, etc.

Alternative professions in Sport Betting

There are differences between handicappers and tipsters, and there are certainly differences between these and scouts. They are professionals with similar skill sets, but the subtle distinctions make a big difference.

A few advices on how to make money from sports betting

Paulo Rebelo’s 1st Chronicle for Penthouse Portugal magazine (August 2011)

"Tips to win money in sports betting."

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Month's top Tipsters

1 godinho1906 20€ 1,694%
2 Régis Oliveira 17,5€ 1,521%
3 Fábio Gaspar 15€ 1,447%
4 Val Rodrigues 12,5€ 1,199%
5 Nunoroberto 10€ 1,085%
6 kikas28 10€ 1,067%
7 João Santa 10€ 1,026%
8 sethzR 10€ 955%
9 Jofp1939 10€ 813%
10 nunesblue 10€ 810%
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