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M. Alharbi

M. Alharbi
Full Name Mohammed Alharbi
Nationality  flag
Birth Place -
Birthdate N/d
Height -
Weight -
Foot -

Date Competition   Game   Position Activity
2024-05-09 Pro League Feiha 2-2 Fateh Fourth Referee 3xyc
2024-05-02 Pro League Ahli 4-1 Damak Fourth Referee 4xyc 1xrc
2024-04-19 Pro League Nassr 3-1 Feiha Referee 3xyc 1xrc
2024-04-07 Pro League Abha 2-1 Fateh Referee 3xyc
2024-03-30 Pro League Shabab 3-4 Hilal Fourth Referee 1xyc
2024-03-09 Pro League Fateh 1-2 Khaleej Referee 2xyc
2024-03-02 Pro League Damak 0-2 Ittifaq Fourth Referee 1xrc
2024-02-24 Pro League Ta'ee 1-4 Ahli Fourth Referee 6xyc
2024-01-24 Club Friendlies Shabab 1-2 Roma Referee 1xyc
2023-12-29 Pro League Ahli 1-0 Khaleej Fourth Referee 6xyc
2023-12-14 Pro League Akhdoud 1-0 Ta'ee Referee 2xyc
2023-11-09 Pro League Raed 2-1 Shabab Fourth Referee 3xyc
2023-11-05 Pro League Hazm 1-2 Wahda Referee 4xyc 1xy2c 1xrc
2023-10-26 Pro League Damak 2-0 Akhdoud Fourth Referee 5xyc
2023-10-20 Pro League Fateh 4-1 Abha Referee 4xyc
2023-09-30 Pro League Fateh 5-1 Wahda Fourth Referee 3xyc
2023-09-26 King's Cup Riyadh 1-2 Feiha Referee 5xyc
2023-09-22 Pro League Akhdoud 0-1 Khaleej Referee 5xyc
2023-09-14 Pro League Akhdoud 0-1 Ittihad Fourth Referee 1xyc
2023-09-01 Pro League Ta'ee 1-0 Abha Fourth Referee 4xyc
2023-08-28 Pro League Abha 2-1 Feiha Fourth Referee 3xyc
2023-08-25 Pro League Shabab 1-1 Damak Referee 8xyc
2023-08-18 Pro League Hazm 0-2 Ittifaq Assistant Referee 3xyc
2023-05-31 Pro League Damak 1-4 Shabab Referee 1xrc 5xyc
2023-04-09 Pro League Abha 3-2 Al Batin Referee 6xyc
Frequently asked questions

He's full name is Mohammed Alharbi.

M. Alharbi was Fourth Referee in the match Al Feiha vs Al Fateh of 9 May 2024, a match for the Saudi Arabia Pro League, Regular Season - Gameweek 31.