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Best bets for Sunday 26/07/20

Best bets for Sunday 26/07/20
Follow the best bets for Sunday 26/07/20!
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Sunday, July 26 2020

Find here the best bets for Sunday, with very disputed matches and excellent odds. Through this card, we will inform you of the best bets for Sunday. So, we will start with the duel between Nacional and Luqueño, with both teams trying to get their first victory after the interruption of football, but with the home team having a certain favoritism. Still for the Paraguayan Championship, we will have Olimpia and Sol de América, a game which it promises to be very busy. Changing the competition, we will have the confrontation between Juventus and Sampdoria, with the team of Cristiano Ronaldo trying to become champion in advance of Serie A. Subsequently, we will have a great match involving Leicester and Manchester United, where the teams fight for the Champions League spot.

Football | Paraguai Divisão Profissional - Nacional vs Sportivo Luqueño:
Nacional has had a good competition so far, fighting hard to move up the table. However, the competition has just returned and the team has re-launched with a draw. Now, they will be playing at home and in front of an inferior team, so they must go all out for the attack in search of their victory. In addition, they hold the best defense of the competition. Luqueño has not yet shown what came in the competition and until football was paralyzed, they were not doing well. Now, in the return they started with a draw. Thus, they will try to propose the game in search of an improbable victory. The home team is superior and will have the field command in their favor, so we see the bet with Nacional's victory as the best option for the match.
Football Paraguai Divisão Profissional  - Olimpia vs Sol de América:
Olimpia is one of the great Paraguayan teams and in the national championship, it has shown that it will fight for the title. Since, they have a very qualified cast and is focused on seeking Libertad, who is the leader. Even more than that, the competition is in its second return match only and they are aware that they needs to score points. Sol de América was not doing so well until football was paralyzed due to the pandemic, since it needed to correct its offensive system. Therefore, they should enter the field with a more offensive posture, in search of the goal, however, this will be their first match after the stop. For these facts mentioned above, we see a bet with goals as the best option for the duel.


Football Paraguai Divisão Profissional  - Olimpia vs Sol de América:
Olimpia came at a great moment in the Paraguayan Championship until the football stop. Thus, it returns seeking to improve even more. They have a qualified team, its attack is the second best in the competition and its defense is one of the best. Therefore, they should enter the field pressing in search of goals to win in the end. The Sol de América team did not do well until football was paralyzed and immediately returns to a complicated opponent. In addition to being inferior in relation to their opponent, the lack of pace of play can be very disruptive. Our betting tip will be that the hosts balance the nets more than 1.5 times.

Football | Itália Serie A - Juventus vs Sampdoria:

Juventus has a great campaign in Serie A of the Italian Championship, as they are the main candidates for the title, which can happen in advance if they win against Sampdoria. Therefore, acting at home, they will go all out on the attack in search of triumph, focused on the title. Sampdoria did not have a very good competition, and is in the middle of the table, without fighting for anything else within the championship. The high number of oscillations prevented the team from progressing, but they must enter the field looking for victory to try to improve their position. However, all factors lead to a Juve victory, so we welcome the victory of the home team at the end of the first stage. Thus, this enters the best bets for Sunday.

Football | Premier League - Leicester vs Manchester Utd:

Leicester did a better competition in this Premier League compared to last season, as it is very close to guaranteeing a place in the Champions League. For this reason, they will enter focused for this confrontation, has a high quality squad and will be playing on its pitch, which can be a small advantage. Thus, they will propose the game in search of their goals for the triumph. Manchester United is going through a similar phase. Since they have a very good Premier League, they have a good squad and now they go on the field to defend their place in the Champions League. Therefore, they must enter focused, seeking victory at any cost. We expect a busy game with good offensive plays, so we believe that a bet on goals is the best option.

Football | Premier League - Leicester vs Manchester Utd:

Leicester is aware that if they do not want to settle for just one possible Europa League spot, they will have to win this head-to-head against Manchester United. They have a good offensive system, which should press hard in search of the goal. It is no different for the Manchester United team, as the team enters the field to defend its place in the Champions League. That is why the match is very important, so United should propose the game away from home, attacking the opponent in the same way. Thus, a bet involving more than 5 Asian corners is the best option for this great match. With that, this enters as one of the best bets for Sunday.



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