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Poker and Ego: Deadly Enemies

If there is a defect that you can never have at the tables, it is bringing your ego to the felt.

Small gold tips for beginners in holdem cash games

These simple yet effective tips are sure to help novice players take their game to the next level.

How to learn to deal with losses at the tables

Learning how to deal with defeats is vital for a correct balance between poker and personal life.

Volume or quality of grind, that is the question!

A frequent question among some regulars is: should one prefer volume, or game quality?

Poker is about having a "stomach"

This is an article that talks about how difficult poker can be when things don't necessarily go as we expect. I hope you enjoy it.

The ideal poker player

This is not a technical article, although some of the characteristics listed here should be absorbed by the reader.

Small tips on what turns players into winners at Poker

Nobody becomes a winner in our sport by chance. Dedication, discipline and commitment are vital to the evolution of the player.

Three mistakes beginners often make at Poker

When you are a beginner or inexperienced, it is common for players to have several leaks to be corrected in their game.

Pot Odds - how can they help you win at poker

Pot Odds relate the profit you may get with the probability of completing your hand.

Positions at a Poker table

One of the greatest advantages in Poker is to be the last to speak, because you'll know what everyone else has decided and you'll have more information to decide what to do with your hand.

Therefore, you need to know each different position and how to use its advantagens and and deal with its disadvantages, which is what I try to explain in this article.