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Poker is about having a "stomach"

Poker is about having a
This is an article that talks about how difficult poker can be when things don't necessarily go as we expect. I hope you enjoy it.
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Thursday, April 16 2020

´´Poker is about having stomach ...

It's about starting over from scratch, every session. It's about putting all your heart and soul into work and still being able to end the month down. It's about making the best decisions, putting your opponent exactly where you want them to be, and still losing to that 4%. In our sport, 1 + 1 is not 2, and 2 + 2 is not 4, and yet logic prevails, and the most prepared, inevitably, will stand out.
You can lose, in one hand, what a “normal” worker takes months to make! But you can earn, in one session, what that same worker earns in a year.

Poker is about keeping your feet on the ground, and rethinking every hand played. It's about watching good players and learning from them, and exploring the mistakes of weak players. You need to devour worse players!

It's about not giving up. Poker, at a high level, is tough! You need to beat the rake, field and, the most difficult of the opponents: the variance! No elite player runs away from it! You rethink your entire career, your decisions, what you are doing with your life! Few professions require so much of the mental. Downsiwngs mess with you, take away your sleep and peace. Okay, you know it's part of the game and the profession, but when it catches you, there's no doubt that you're never 100% prepared!

You must constantly be sure of the decisions that have been made! There is no room for uncertainty.

Poker is about giving yourself every chance to be wrong. As controversial as that sounds, this is how it is! It is for a very small portion, about 4-5% of those who play it seriously! It's about giving 100%, loving what you do, correcting the mistakes daily, waking up forgetting yesterday, having won or lost!

It's about not letting horrible days interfere with your personal life, forgetting that an angry trip to Europe was lost, that four cards in the deck made a difference in the winrate of the month! It's about having life off the tables, about knowing how to distinguish off poker-profession and, believe me, this is very difficult!

Poker, as already said, is about having a strong stomach ... ´´

Daniel Dornelles