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How to learn to deal with losses at the tables

How to learn to deal with losses at the tables
Learning how to deal with defeats is vital for a correct balance between poker and personal life.
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Thursday, May 21 2020

For a long time, especially when poker became one of my sources of income, but not yet the main one, with each disastrous or bad cash game session, I started to question myself a number of things, such as, "do I really beat the game? ", " Am I playing badly or is it just the variance?", "Will I be able to be a constant winner?", among so many others similar things.

With each bad session, I felt disappointed and frustrated, questioning how good I really was. These bad feelings, of course, hindered me in my personal life. I did not give the same attention to family and friends and, unconsciously, I threw my frustrations of my previous defeat on them. Okay, I already knew that that was part of the game, and there are days when things really don't go as they should. Poker is a mathematical game, and the smallest equity, exactly according to your odds, will be realized. There is no escaping this and you need to understand exactly how it operates in the game.

Over time and gaining experience, the defeats were better absorbed. Very negative sessions, started not to take my sleep away. I was finally understanding how a regular winner's chart really works.

Assimilating the defeats of the sport in a healthy way, makes an absurd difference in our quality of life. You sleep better, study better, relate better and, the main thing, play better, in a more calm, confident and rational way.

Therefore, I recommend that you try as hard as possible to acquire that mindset, come to understand that defeats will occur frequently in poker, and do not let the frustrations of the tables, interfere with your personal life and your relationships.

Understanding the mathematical part will certainly help you a lot in this process, so I suggest that you devour all the material you find in this sense. Here on the site of the Online Betting Academy, there is a lot of material related to this topic, so I advise you to check each of these articles.

Still, I suggest that you search the internet, and it is very easy to find, the chart of elite professionals. Note that, even in the charts of the best, there are several defeats and periods when, within a determined sample of hands, these players were in the red. Everyone in this sport, without exception, suffers defeats of the most varied sizes and periods.

Finally, remember that, first of all, you should have fun playing poker, otherwise, I guarantee you that everything else will become a complex task to be solved.

Daniel Dornelles