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Everything Poker Ep. 01 - The Basics

Everything you wanted to know about poker but were afraid to ask.

It's just a card game an inspiring and thrilling card game.
We are not saying that this game will change your life and you will become a millionaire, although this may happen.
This is the game of kings and queens that turned men and women into legendary champions. We are talking about the elite of the poker world, but none of them was born taught, so let’s start calmly.

We all have to start somewhere, and this series will teach you everything you want to know about Poker Texas Hold'em.
Stay with us and dominate this cold-blooded game, this game of will, math and precision.
We will teach you how to master the game, from basic to advanced.

Are you ready?

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Contents of this series:

Level 1 - Basics

Ep.01: The basics
Ep.02: Starting Hands
Ep.03: Playing in Position
Ep.04: Playing in Position 2
Ep.05: Bluffing
Ep.06: Tournament Basics

Level 2 - Advanced

Ep.07: Betting 1
Ep.08: Betting 2
Ep.09: Playing Styles
Ep.10: Gathering Information
Ep.11: Playing Made Hands
Ep.12: Playing Draws
Ep.13: The Review Show

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