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Poker and Ego: Deadly Enemies

Poker and Ego: Deadly Enemies
If there is a defect that you can never have at the tables, it is bringing your ego to the felt.
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Monday, June 1 2020

Let's start this article by remembering that poker is, among other things, a logical game.

Starting from this basic and fundamental premise, in each hand played, during your reasoning process, you must be logical and understand how the hand unfolded. For this to happen in the best possible way, you must not, under any circumstances, let your ego influence decision making. This may seem simple, but I know good regulars who still stumble over this trivial error.

Almost daily, I see players of all levels letting themselves be carried away by their inflated egos, and start chasing certain players. This is one of the biggest stupidities that can be committed at a poker table, for several reasons.

First, against good players, this is practically the same as tearing money, because they will notice it, and adapt their range and way of playing, and as they are competent players, they will certainly take advantage. Against weak players, it is just as bad, because as you start playing more hands than you should, the variance increases, given that bad players are not very likely to fold their hands.

In addition to what has already been said, there is another point: any average player notices players who let their egos speak louder at the tables, and that will certainly be a great advantage.

I have seen many talented and promising players having serious problems in controlling their egos. They believe that they are better than their opponents, which is still true and, consequently, they must always win. This does not exist in poker, and the fact that bad players have good days and victories is what keeps the game going and constantly expanding.

So don't be the donkey at the table who gets carried away by the emotions and tilts at every bad beat suffered. For that, there are some techniques that can help you:

- Always play within your financial limits;

- Avoid personalizing the game;

- Play when you are rested, avoiding grinding on complicated days;

- When you notice that the defeat of a certain hand has moved you emotionally, end the session;

- Exercise, meditate and eat healthily;

- Disable chats at your tables.

These are small and simple tips, but they will certainly help you to gradually let go of your ego while playing poker, which will turn you into a more and more competent player.

Finally, remember: bringing the ego to the tables is like tearing money in the long term, so don't be the donor donkey of the table.

Daniel Dornelles