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Small tips on what turns players into winners at Poker

Small tips on what turns players into winners at Poker
Nobody becomes a winner in our sport by chance. Dedication, discipline and commitment are vital to the evolution of the player.
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Saturday, April 11 2020

The purpose of this article is to show the reader characteristics that good and which winners have in common. What they do that makes them better than the vast majority of the field. Obviously there are many other factors, which will be addressed in detail
They study the game
Winning players study the game deeply. They know that playing is necessary, but to evolve, it takes a lot of study and dedication. They have groups where they discuss hands and strategies, look for good coaching, read countless books and subscribe to training sites. They don't just want to play better, they want to have a broad understanding of the sport.
They understand variance
Good players understand the variance intrinsic to the game. They know that it will always exist. Therefore, they are not shaken by bad phases, nor are they deluded when they win several sessions in a row. They know that everything is part of a practically infinite context, called variance. As they trust their game, they study and, in a considerable sample of hands, know that they are winners, not worrying about short-term results.
Understand the importance of volume
Poker is about volume. You will never know how much of a winner or a loser you are without a significant sample of hands within the limits you play. Therefore, winning players play many hands, in many sessions, for many hours. Believe me, poker is a very tough job, which requires a lot not only psychologically, but physically. So stop thinking that you had a decent session having played a few hours. Think more broadly, establishing a decent minimum number of hands to play per day, week or month.
Winners avoid good players
Winning players know that the money in poker does not come from other good players, but from those who are technically weak. They let go of the ego, and they know what the job is about: money. So, they don't bother to show, at the tables, who is the best. This is extremely stupid in this game. Our only goal is to make money, and for that, we must target the weakest players!

Daniel Dornelles