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Stay on top of Pot-limit Omaha

Stay on top of Pot-limit Omaha
As everyone knows, no-limit hold'em remains the most popular category in poker, however Pot-Limit Omaha is growing.
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Friday, April 3 2020

Pot-Limit Omaha has been gaining space for some years now, it is one of the most popular variants of poker. This variant has been attracting the eyes of many players in the cash game and has been appearing in grids of major world tournaments, even in a series of 888Poker Live tournaments.

Because no-limit hold'em creates many solid players, it becomes more difficult to gain an advantage in this mode. So Pot-Limit Omaha has been widely explored by players, since it is easier to seek a technical advantage over the opponents. In addition, PLO attracts many players who are after emotion, as it is considered an “action” game.


One of the biggest differences is the fact that in PLO the player receives four cards, whereas in NLH you only receive two cards, thus reaching much higher hands and this affects your strategy. Therefore, players are not only given a combination of four cards, but six different combinations of two cards, where the best hand is chosen.

Another difference between these two modes is the use of pot bet limits. This is because the pot limit makes the highest bet in your hand the amount of the pot.

Of the four cards you receive, you only use 2 to play a game with 3 of the cards on the board, forming a hand of 5 cards.

That is, with four cards you will have many combinations to form a hand.

All these differences between these variants make the POL have a different dynamic than what we see in the NLH. Overall this is a post-flop game, but the pre-flop hand range is different and very important. This means that if you want to become a great player you will need to develop different fundaments.

Omaha Rules

Pot-limit Omaha is played differently from no-limit hold'em, since in NLH the player can bet all his chips at any time, while in PLO the maximum bet amount will be the pot limit.

The minimum bet in pot-limit Omaha is equivalent to the Big Blind, that is, if the game is $1/$2 PLO, the minimum that each player can bet will be $2.

Calculating which pot value bet is a tricky thing for some. If the value of the pot is $10 and the player is the first to play, the maximum bet will be $10, but if there was a previous bet and the player wants to bet the pot, things get more complicated.

To exemplify: If the value is $10 and a player placed a $5 bet, the next player to bet will have the maximum bet of $25. This is because in the calculation, $5 will be added for the player's call to the $20 that will be in the pot after the call.

Pre-flop blinds are considered forced bets, so it can also be difficult to calculate how much you can bet.

For example, in a $ 1 / $ 2 game, the maximum amount a player can bet on the first action is $ 7, this is the sum of $ 2 from the call to the blind plus $ 5 the size of the pot.

If you play in a casino, the Dealer does the calculation, you just need to say that you want to bet the pot. In online poker games the platform itself performs the calculations automatically.