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Bad beat in Poker

Bad beat in Poker
Learn how to deal with a bad beat in poker, one of the reasons that many poker players lose a large amount of their bankroll.
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How many times have you faced a situation in which your hand was very strong, the opponent had a single OUT and there on the river, that out came. These situations can cause the player to tilt. At this point things start to become dangerous, as many players usually do not know how to deal with a bad beat situation.

It is normal for less prepared players to try to recover their money at any cost, but this is a big mistake in the long run, since they are measuring something that shouldn't even be on the agenda, which is the short run, something that dissolves into a vision thousands of hands played. Most of the time this will only cause you to lose even more money from your bankroll.

The most important thing to do at a time like this, if you notice that you are tilted, is to take a break, no matter if it is a few minutes, hours or days. You just need to give your mind a break, and thus avoid losing the rest of your bankroll due to tilt. And those who believe that tilt happens only to beginners are mistaken. Poker is a mind sport, it involves the entire psychological and emotional realm, and even so, it is still a sport of resilience, because a tired mind or a tired body tend to fail in times of difficult decisions.

If you are a beginner, do not think that by leaving the game you will be failing to recover the money you lost, in fact this will be the opposite, because lost money is not recoverable, and investment in value is not a loss, not even when we make a bad beat, we have to remember that if there was value, in the long run this hand will be matched.

So, if you want to become a great poker player it is important to know that in some moments the bad beat will happen, sometimes in various situations. At these times, it is essential that you are prepared to face it, as many players do not know how to deal with it, they end up tilting and in those times they can be taken advantage of by their opponents.

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