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Everything Poker Ep.07 - Betting 1

by Academia   |   comments 0

The level 1 is over. We are no longer beginners. With the experience we gained with the first level and the knowledge we now possess, it is time to improve our skills and increase our poker domain.

What began as potential can now change our lives.

Let's start level two, with the art form that is betting.

Contents of this series:

Level 1 - Basics

Ep.01: The basics
Ep.02: Starting Hands
Ep.03: Playing in Position
Ep.04: Playing in Position 2
Ep.05: Bluffing
Ep.06: Tournament Basics

Level 2 - Advanced

Ep.07: Betting 1
Ep.08: Betting 2
Ep.09: Playing Styles
Ep.10: Gathering Information
Ep.11: Playing Made Hands
Ep.12: Playing Draws
Ep.13: The Review Show


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Comment (1)

  1. AnthonyHunter 03 Sep 2020 - 22:14
    I didn't know quite a lot from this video. Thanks! I started playing poker quite recently. These videos are very useful and I try to look for more of them. I really liked poker from the very beginning. I believe that this game is not for everyone and to succeed in it, you need to read a lot of information. I started playing on I always have a smartphone at hand and I can gain experience on tables with low stakes, so that later, in the future, I can participate in different tournaments. What other videos can you recommend for me?

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