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Everything Poker Ep. 06 - Tournament Basics

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In episode 6 we finally enter a Poker Tournament, and learn everything there is to know about these tournaments. We will give you some tips for your first tournament, we will see how it feels to win a big prize, and we will also indicate which the most interesting tournaments in the poker world are.

It is in poker tournaments that most people develops and improves their game. The difference between tournament poker and poker for real money is that every person who wants to enter the tournament pays the same amount in exchange for a predetermined number of chips.

Contents of this series:

Level 1 - Basics

Ep.01: The basics
Ep.02: Starting Hands
Ep.03: Playing in Position
Ep.04: Playing in Position 2
Ep.05: Bluffing
Ep.06: Tournament Basics

Level 2 - Advanced

Ep.07: Betting 1
Ep.08: Betting 2
Ep.09: Playing Styles
Ep.10: Gathering Information
Ep.11: Playing Made Hands
Ep.12: Playing Draws
Ep.13: The Review Show

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Comments (2)
  1. smormad 03 Nov 2020 - 15:06
    A good way to learn basics of poker.
  1. Ababyy23 03 Nov 2020 - 19:44
    Thank you for sharing, buddy, this reminds me of my first time playing poker ever, I started playing it during coronavirus quarantine, my friend introduced me to this game and according to his recommendation, I decided to play on 777 empire online casino. In my humble and personal opinion, if you guys want to participate in tournaments or something like that, you need to be careful, because there are only professional players playing, so think twice before participating in these kinds of events related to poker or gambling games in general.
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