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How to overcome a Bad Run

How to overcome a Bad Run
Take advantage of the tips listed in this article to overcome a Bad run.
by Josué Ramos   |   comments 0
Saturday, June 6 2020

It doesn't matter if you are the best gambler on the face of the earth. It doesn't matter how accurate your entries are. It doesn't matter if you are the most cautious person in the world. In one way or another, there is something inevitable about sports betting. Something that all punters will share several times a year in one season. We are talking about the famous bad run. And in this article, we'll talk about how to overcome a bad run.

This negative period will come from time to time to pay you an untimely visit. And there's nothing you can do to prevent it from showing up during the season. However, there are correct ways to deal with this unwanted visitor. Also, there are bad ways to act. Here we will list attitudes to help you survive a bad run.

What is a bad run?

A bad run is nothing more than a period when a bettor has a high volume of losses. It is as if nothing worked for him during this phase. Sometimes this negative period will be mild. And the bettor will only have small losses. However, in some more drastic phases, that same player will have significant losses in relation to his bankroll. And it is exactly when that happens, that things can get out of hand.

This phase is usually transient. But it often leads many gamblers to ruin. For emotional control will be required, in addition to testing the psychological side of the gambler. Generally, the first-time gambler does not have a defined bankroll management and ends up succumbing in times of difficulty. Precisely because they are not prepared to deal with this phase.

The biggest mistakes a bettor makes during a bad phase

When things don't go well, it is when the bettor is most tested. Their psychological is put in check and their emotional shattered. Withstanding this type of pressure comes with time and a well-informed bankroll management. Because nobody is born already taught. Everything is learned and to learn it is necessary to make mistakes.

What most occurs in these situations, is the gambler trying to recover the lost money. It seeks to increase the amount of money wagered, compromising its bankroll with high values. Another very recurring factor is the bettor betting on leagues that he doesn't dominate the information. In addition, during this loss period, bettors often increase the volume of bets. Over-betting and placing bets with no long term value.

Another very recurring problem is that the bettor wants to make up for lost money with very low odds bets. Bets you consider risk-free. Biggest mistake of all. This compromises the entire structure of your long-term work. As a result, that bettor will have only one possible destination; bankruptcy.

Tips to survive a bad run:

The simplest tips for facing a bad run, focus on staying within a bankroll management. Do not force an entry without a previous well done study. And do not increase stakes to recover something lost. In addition, mainly, maintain the discipline and work that has been planned. For if there is no previously planned strategy, consequently this bettor is doomed to failure from the beginning. Being something serious and that needs to be reviewed urgently.

Below are some tips for when you're going through a bad run:

- Stay within bankroll management

- Don't break your own defined rules

- Keep the strategy

- discipline

- Do not bet more than what was defined in your bankroll management

- Do not bet on leagues that you are not an expert

- Do not bet on lower or much higher odds than the average odds set in your strategy
With all that has been said, it is clear that discipline is fundamental to be able to deal with losses in sports betting, however, the emotional side is the most important. It is necessary to understand that every loss will affect you, it is necessary to understand that we have limits, because we are human beings. There is no bettor who is not affected by losses. And here is telling you a gambler who is also a psychologist. And I assure you, we will all be affected while we are going through a difficult period.

And this difficult period does not necessarily have to be just for sports betting. It may be something that is disturbing you in your personal life, that affects you in some way when making decisions. We have to remember, sports betting is based on decision making, if we are not able to decide in full integrity, we should not bet on anything.

When losses in a row affect you, take time to get your head together. Empty the mind and accept the loss, because in any case, it is a mourning, even if it seems silly, we bettors feel the loss of a bet as something very painful, and it is necessary to understand this and know our own limits to not let the compulsion speak louder in decision making. Thus, the creation of rules becomes fundamental, as its established rules will inhibit compulsion, discipline its actions and make its attitudes more professional.