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How to Bet



To start betting online you must open an account on a bookmaker website

With what?

With the Money you have available at the bookmaker website.

On what?

If after the statistics analysis of a game you are convinced that Team A is going to win, then you bet on them. You can also bet in the total amount of goals in a game, which team is going to score first, the half-time result, and many others.

Against who?

The bookmakers are the ones that accept your bet. In a betting exchange website, your bets are accept by other people like you and they buy your bet.


You can bet before and/or even during the game. Most bookmakers let you place bets during the game, when the events (like a goal) make the prize vary a lot for each bet.


Betting adds emotion and excitement to your favorite sport!

When you win a bet, the prize is credited to your bookmaker account, then you can withdraw it the same way you made your deposit for the bookmaker.

Practical example of a sports bet 

How to Bet