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Argentina VS Mexico

Argentina vs Mexico

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Argentina and Mexico face at Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, in a friendly match. This is the 9th friendly match of the year for Argentina, after friendly matches against Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Spain and Italy. As for Mexico, this is the 12th friendly match of the year, after previous friendly matches against Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, United States, Uruguay, Denmark, Scotland, Wales, Croatia, Iceland and Bosnia‑Herzegovina. The head‑to‑head history of the last 3 years favours the home team, since in the last 2 matches they won 1 and tied 1.

Analysis of Argentina

This is the 9th friendly match of the year for the home team, after having registered the following final scores in the previous friendlies: Argentina (2‑0) Mexico, Argentina (0‑1) Brazil, Iraq (0‑4) Argentina, Colombia (0‑0) Argentina, Argentina (3‑0) Guatemala, Argentina (4‑0) Haiti, Spain (6‑1) Argentina and Argentina (2‑0) Italy. In the last 5 Friendlies home matches Argentina has a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. They have presented defensive consistency, since they have only suffered goals in 2 of the last 8 matches, and their offense has scored frequently, since they have scored goals in 6 of the last 8 matches for this competition. there is 1 period that stands out in the last 11 home matches for all competitions: they have suffered 4 of their 10 goals between minutes (46'‑60').

Argentina's squad have won the World Cup twice in their history, titles won in 1978 and 1986, as well as having fourteen Copa América titles and a Confederations Cup title. This year, the team had a rather uneven season at the Russian World Cup as they advanced to the last 16 of the competition, being eliminated with the selection of France in a defeat by 4x3. After the 2018 World Cup, the Argentine team played five friendly, of which won three. Observing these three victories of Argentina in friendly games, we see that in all the team scored more than 1.5 goals against the opponents. We believe that in this showdown, by playing against a relatively good team, Argentina will play another busy game.

Confirmed Lineup: G. Rulli, Ramiro Funes Mori, G. Mercado, W. Kannemann, M. Meza, E. Lamela, S. Ascacíbar, R. de Paul, R. Pereyra, M. Icardi, M. Acuña.

Analysis of Mexico

The away team plays its 12th friendly match of the year. In the previous friendly matches they registered the following final scores: Argentina (2‑0) Mexico, Mexico (0‑1) Chile, Mexico (3‑2) Costa Rica, United States (1‑0) Mexico, Mexico (1‑4) Uruguay, Denmark (2‑0) Mexico, Mexico (1‑0) Scotland, Mexico (0‑0) Wales, Mexico (0‑1) Croatia, Mexico (3‑0) Iceland and Mexico (1‑0) Bosnia‑Herzegovina. In the last 10 away matches Mexico has won 3, tied 2 and lost 5. Defensive consistency hasn’t been their best feature, as they have conceded goals in 7 of the last 10 matches for this competition. In 11 matches for this competition, they have conceded the first goal 7 times and have only turned the score around in 1.

The Mexican national team has never managed to win the World Cup, but throughout its history has won the 1999 Confederations Cup once, and has been runner-up twice in Copa America. This year, the team made a relatively good campaign within the Russian World Cup, advancing to the last 16 when it was defeated by the Brazilian team, by 2x0 and ended up eliminated. After 2018 World Cup, the team played five friendlies, of which it won only one, against the selection of Costa Rica. Looking at these five friendlies of the Mexican team, we see that in three of them were scored more than 1.5 goals. In this confrontation, we believe that the Mexican team will be able to seek their goals and thus will make another rather busy game.

Confirmed Lineup: J. Corona, E. Álvarez, G. Arteaga, J. Domínguez, E. Aguirre, V. Guzmán, J. Dueñas, J. Aquino, É. Gutiérrez, H. Martín, I. Brizuela.

Betting suggestion:

In this clash between Argentina and Mexico, we believe we will have more than 1.5 goals scored by the teams, taking into account that the two teams have the ability to attack and score goals, and the need to show a positive result after not so good campaign within the main competition between world selections, the World Cup of Russia. In addition, watching the last seven games played between the selections, we see that in all of them have been scored more than 1.5 goals.
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Friendlies - 2018

  • 94% 390 / 416 Games

  • Home team wins 44.87%
  • Draws 28.72%
  • Away team wins 26.41%
  • Over 1.5 65.64%
  • Over 2.5 41.28%
  • Over 3.5 23.85%
  • Goals 918
  • Goals /match 2.35
  • Goals /match home 1.4
  • Goals /match away 0.96
  • Both teams score 39.23%
  • Goals after 80' 11.98%


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