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Figueirense VS Botafogo

This Wednesday, Figueirense and Botafogo face at Orlando Scarpelli stadium, in Florianópolis, in a match for the 3rd stage of the 2015 Brazil Cup. This is a match between teams that play in different series. Figueirense in the A Series and Botafogo in the B Series. In the previous rounds, Figueira eliminated Princesa de Solimões and rivals Avaí, and Botafogo eliminated Botafogo-PB and Capivariano. In last year’s A Series, both teams met twice and Figueirense won both matches with a 1-0 score.

Analysis of Figueirense

After a terrible 2014 year, Figueirense managed to avoid relegation in the last rounds and is still in the A Series. This year, they have played better and were one of the few interior teams to maintain regularity in the state championship, finishing third and reaching the second stage. They were the second best offence and the third best defence. They lost in the final but can still win the final due to irregularities of the opponent team, which may have used some players irregularly and face a punishment that may take away their title in favour of Figueirense.
In the Brazilian championship they didn’t have a good start. In the first round they played with a reserve team and lost 4-1. In the next they tied 0-0 in a home match against Vasco.
In the Brazil Cup, after eliminating Princesa do Solimões, they faced their rivals Avaí. In the 1st leg match they lost 1-0. But in the 2nd leg were in front by 2-0 in the first 13’ and managed to keep the advantage until the end. They are now focused on having another good match and getting a good score for the 2nd leg match.

Confirmed Lineup: Alex Muralha, Bruno Alves, Leandro Silva, R. Cereceda, Marcos Pedroso, Thiago Heleno, Fabinho, Paulo Roberto, Clayton, Everaldo, Mazola.
Coach: Hudson Coutinho.

Analysis of Botafogo

Botafogo have had a terrible 2014 year. They were eliminated from the state championship and have been relegated to the B Series in the Brazilian championship. The club then decided to bring in new players and get another coach, hiring René Simões. This seems to have worked, since the team is playing better and has done well in the state championship, eliminating Fluminense in the semi-final. But then lost against Vasco in the final. They are now focused in doing well in the B series to return to the first division.
In two balanced matches, Botafogo got two wins and has had great moments in both matches. They have beaten Paysandu in an away match and CRB at home. But they are now focused on this Brazil Cup. Botafogo has won all three last matches for all competitions and wishes to do well in this one to get a good result for the second leg match.

Confirmed Lineup: Jefferson, Diego Giaretta, Thiago Carleto, Luis Ricardo, Renan Fonseca, Airton, Diego Jardel, Willian Arão, Elvis, Henrique Almeida, Rodrigo Pimpão.
Coach: Ricardo Gomes.

Betting suggestion:

This is a match between two teams that have had good state championships, but which are in different situations in the Brazilian championship. Botafogo is more consistent in the B Series, while Figueira isn’t doing so well in the A Series. But in this match in Santa Catarina, Figueira has the home advantage and a strong defence. The team is likely to do well against Botafogo, therefore, we suggest the Asian Handicap in favour of Figueira (0.0) in the first half.

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Copa do Brasil - 2015

  • 92% 158 / 172 Games

  • Home team wins 47.47%
  • Draws 20.25%
  • Away team wins 32.28%
  • Over 1.5 75.95%
  • Over 2.5 51.27%
  • Over 3.5 24.68%
  • Goals 417
  • Goals /match 2.64
  • Goals /match home 1.49
  • Goals /match away 1.15
  • Both teams score 55.06%
  • Goals after 80' 15.59%
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