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Trading Softwares


Using trading software brings a lot of advantages to sports traders and using them is almost indispensable. For punters that bet before the game starts and leave their bets until the end of the match, they’re not very advantageous.

Trading software should not be used before understanding how betting Exchange works and what is trading. First you must learn the multiplication table and only then do you use the calculator.

The main advantage of using a trading software is the speed with which they can enter, modify and cancel bets compared to the time it takes to do these operations directly on the betting exchange website.

Additionally, software such as Wagertool, Traderline, BetAngel or GeeksToy have certain characteristics that are essential to certain trading strategies.

With software you can view the market ladder-shaped which it’s easier to place bets on hold at specific odds. The graphical tools in real time of these softwares are also a great help to interpret the movement of the odds during the game.

Wagertool vs BetAngel vs GeeksToy

These are reliable and quite developed softwares. They have countless functionalitys for trading at Betfair allowing you to take advantage of the sports bets markets.

People that use one of these softwares usually get so used to them and won’t change ever again. However, you should try all of them out to see which best fits your needs. The following are the ones we believe to be the best, but you can find a full list of approved software at the Betfair App Directory.