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Topic: Nancy vs Sochaux - Ligue 2 Rnd.35 25/04/16 19:30  (Read 112 times)

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    Nancy vs Sochaux - Ligue 2 Rnd.35 25/04/16 19:30
    « on: April 23 2016, 05:03 »
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    Head-to-Head in the last 3 years
    Date   Home   Away
    Sochaux 0-0

    ET 1-0

    Sochaux 2-2 Nancy
    Nancy 0-0 Sochaux
    Sochaux 0-2 Nancy
    Nancy 1-1 Sochaux
    Sochaux 1-1 Nancy
    Sochaux 1-2 Nancy
    Nancy 1-1 Sochaux
    Nancy 0-1 Sochaux
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      Analysis: Nancy vs Sochaux (25 April 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: April 24 2016, 02:13 »

      Analysis of Nancy

      They managed a great win awa from home against Le Havre, as they are still chasing the leader, which is only 2 points aheads, and with a win, they will guarantee being in Ligue 1 next year. However, for the title, they would probably have to win all their remaining matches. 

      They are still the second best attack in the league and the second best defense, behind the leaders. In the last 5 matches, htye had 3 wins and 1 loss, and had just 2 losses in the last 12.

      When they play at home, they are very hard to beat, as they have 12 wins and just 2 losses in 17 home matches, with averages of 1,9 goals scored and 0,8 conceded.

      Analysis of Sochaux

      They managed their second consecutive win and are now in 15th place, after being in the relegation zone for a couple of rounds, as they need just 3 wins to guarantee not being relegated.

      In the last 5 matches, they had 3 wins and 2 ties, which is surprising after 10 matches without a win. They have the second worst attack in the league, but that has been effective in the previous matches, and the sixth best defense 

      Playing away from home, they have just 2 wins and 7 losses in 17 matches, with averages of 0,7 scored and 1 conceded.

      Betting suggestion:

      Nancy are in second place, and are in good form to fight for the title, so they should beat Sochaux, that still have a weak team, even after better performances in their previous match. In the last match between them, there was a 2-2 draw.

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      Stats » Ligue 2 » Nancy vs Sochaux