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Topic: Presentation  (Read 93 times)

Offline Mirko

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    « on: November 27 2015, 09:46 »
    My name is Francisco, i´m betting at least 10 years. I begin to betting for fun, only in footbal.All over the years i learn that you have to made a lot of research before betting, and that it´s hard to find good tips. For month i make average 500 bets. 2/3 years ago i tried trading in gols market, but now I prefer punting because in trading you have to be many time, many hours in front of the computer, and for me that it´s not possible for now. I betting mainly in soccer, basket, tennis and Ice hockey, in most of the times i prefer the market of over/under, and secondary the 1x2 market. Lately I´m having good results by betting the underdoog in odds average 4.00/5.00.
    I hope one day i can live from betting, for now the profit I use for some Christmas presentes, and for spendind in hollydays!
    Best Regards