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Topic: Stake Toys - Free Web based software for Bet tracking  (Read 202 times)

Offline dyegonery

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    Hi guys,

    I created a web software to punters and sport traders track your bets. Stake Toys is a software created with the goal of helping sports bettors with his bankroll management, and bet tracking. The software allows you to register your bets, withdrawals, deposits and objectives through a clean, responsive and intuitive interface. Stake Toys offers a lot of features that is offered by the main Excel spreadsheets, with the advantage of being accessible from anywhere with Internert access.

    Some key features of the Stake Toys

    - Multiple bankrolls per account
    - Register your simple bets
    - Register your multiple bets
    - Register your withdrawals
    - Register your deposits
    - Create custom strategies to your bets
    - Report of Bankroll Evolution
    - Report of Markets
    - Report of Multiples
    - Report of Competitions
    - Report of Sports
    - Advanced Filters
    - Objectives Management
    - Betting diary

    You can register here:

    Regards.  :)
    Stake Toys - Aplicação web de Gestão de Banca e Registro de Apostas