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Topic: Terek Grozny vs Zenit - Premier League Rnd.17 28/11/15 14:30  (Read 108 times)

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    Head-to-Head in the last 3 years
    Date   Home   Away
    Zenit 3-0 Akhmat
    Akhmat 1-2 Zenit
    Zenit 1-3 Akhmat
    Akhmat 1-1 Zenit
    Zenit 2-0 Akhmat
    Akhmat 0-3 Zenit
    Zenit 0-2 Akhmat
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    Stats » Premier League Russia » Terek Grozny vs Zenit

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      Analysis: Terek Grozny vs Zenit (28 November 2015)
      « Reply #1 on: November 26 2015, 13:45 »

      Terek and Zenit São Petersburgo will face each other in the Stadium im Akhmant-Khaji Kadyrova, in Grozny, a match counting to the 17th journey of the russian championship. 
      The historic clashes between both teams favours Zenit São Petersburg. In the last 17 matches to the championship, the visiting team conquered 9 victories, 5 draws and 3 defeats.

      Analysis of Akhmat

      Terek come to this match with a draw, by 2-2, against Kubain, where Utsiev and Rybus scored the goals. 
      At this moment, the home team are in the 7th place of the russian championship, with 24 points, conquered in 5 victories, 9 draws and 2 defeats. 
      Looking to all the matches of the russian championship, we can see that Terek scored an average of 1.31 goals and conceded an average of 1 goal per match. To note that 63% of the matches in this competition finished with less than two goals on the scoreboard. 
      In the seven home matches, the team led by Rashid Rakhimov openned the scoreboard only in two matches, and in two matches they were winning in the end. 
      To note that the most positive moments of the team were between 16'-30' and 76'-90', when they scored 6 goals.

      Analysis of Zenit

      Zenit São Petersburg come to this match after a victory at home, by 2-0, against Valencia, to the Champions League. Zenit continue to recuperate points and, in this moment, the team are 7 points of distance from CSKA. 
      In the 16 matches to the championship, the team led by André Villas-Boas scored on average 2 goals and conceded, on average, 1.13 goals per match. Furthermore, 69% of the matches ended with more than two goals on the scoreboard. 
      Similarly to their opponent, Zenit opened the scoreboard in three of the seven matches away, and in all of them they were winning at the end of 90'. To note that the best moment of the visiting team is between 76' ans 90', when they scored 6 goals in total.

      Betting suggestion:

      The most likely scenario to this match will be Zenit São Petersburgo to win. Despite being in a early stage of the season, we can say that this match will be one of the most important to the Zenit team. 
      So, we believe that the visiting team will win with some difficulty due to quality of the Terek players. 

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