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Topic: Presentation rodolfotg  (Read 253 times)

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    Presentation rodolfotg
    « on: March 15 2016, 22:54 »
    Hello, I've been reading Paulo Rebelo's articles for years. Its been a great help for me, thanks Paulo.

    Four months ago I decided to take trading very seriously, I started with 100 dlls and I managed to turn them into 16,000 in just 4 months. The thing is, betfair has me on the premium charge now and I dont know how to handle it. I've been looking into other options like betting agents and other exchanges, but it seems betfair is simply the best place to trade my bets.

    I do not use software, my technique involves betting on the 1X2 market and using the cashout button when I feel I lost value or the risk becomes heavy for my mind. I think my technique can be improved, maybe by backing at different bookmakers and laying on the exchanges, if anyone is interested in analysing my bets I can give you my records.

    I have not been able to go through the course on this site because I have accounts at b365, williamhill and betfair already and my points are not sufficient to achieve greater levels, I wish to learn new techniques and refine my own.

    I'm from Mexico and I wish to thank you all for your insights and all the knowledge you provide on this forum. ;)

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      Re: Presentation rodolfotg
      « Reply #2 on: March 16 2016, 14:52 »
      I already did that, but had no replies :(