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Topic: Cardiff City vs Leeds United - Championship Rnd.36 08/03/16 19:45  (Read 166 times)

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    Cardiff 2-1 Leeds
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      Analysis: Cardiff City vs Leeds United (08 March 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: March 06 2016, 22:28 »

      Analysis of Cardiff City

      Cardiff comes after 2 consecutive wins, the last one away home, beating Bristol City by 0-2 demonstrating all their favoritism in the match. Now, with the same number of points for the playoff place, and playing again at home will match a team that isn’t as well positioned in the league could be the big chance to overcome their opponents.
      They should dominate in the air balls and certainly will use this play as one of the main weapons to try to create dangerous plays. They won’t surely want to give chances to Leeds once that they didn’t lose their last 13 home matches.
      Against their opponent in this match the historic is also very favorable, and won 5 of the last 6 matches in all competitions. They already know well the opponents’ mistakes to explore once again in search of that very important victory for conquering their goals by the end of the season 2015/2016.

      Analysis of Leeds United

      Leeds no longer dreams about anything in the league, once that their irregularity took any chance to fight for something. However, they also intend to keep well away from any risk of the relegation zone, so any point away home would be great for the team.
      Of course it won’t be easy, once that away home the team could hardly steal points from well positioned teams in the league table. Leeds also no longer wins for 5 matches away from their fans, one of the reasons that leave them where they’re in the league table.
      By now, it’s better try to finish the season in the best possible way, giving some happiness to their fans, and raise the climate inside and outside the pitch, to seek to make a better season in 2016/2017 aiming to look for something bigger. So, the dedication to surprise Cardiff can be a differentiator.

      Betting suggestion:

      We’re not fans of Cardiff football, but we need to recognize that at home they can usually make good matches. They’re the kind of team that plays in pressure from the beginning and that usually doesn’t give silly. Even when they're in front they continue in pressure and don’t do very bureaucratic matches. Against a weakened Leeds we don’t see visitors leave winning this match.

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