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Topic: Tiago Correia Presentation  (Read 93 times)

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    Tiago Correia Presentation
    « on: November 19 2015, 13:37 »
    Hello, My name is Tiago Correia, I from in Porto, Portugal, and this is my presentation:

    - Tiago Correia

    How long ago you made your first online sports bet:
    - My first bet was 4 years ago. And then I lost to start

    In what sports do you usually bet:
    - Especially in football but also in tennis and basketball

    In what betting markets do you usually enter:
    - More on the probability densities of victory for each team, then number of goals.

    Other information you may think is relevant:
    - I'm just a gambler who loses more than it gains (professionals like me), but nevertheless gives me pleasure of times when betting.
    This not least because let me occurring the results of every game.

    Thank you all.
    Tiago Correia