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Topic: Cobresal vs Corinthians - Copa Libertadores Group 8 Rnd.1 17/02/16 23:45  (Read 162 times)

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      Analysis: Cobresal vs Corinthians (17 February 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: February 15 2016, 16:00 »

      Cobresal and Corinthians will match for the first round of the Cup Liberators. The group 8 also has Santa Fe and Cerro Porteño and, for sure the fight will be big in qualifying for the round of 16.

      Analysis of Cobresal

      Cobresal is in the tenth position of the Chilean championship, with one win, two draws and two defeats. Of course, this income does not please the fans, which expected a beginning of greater quality in the national championship.
      Some believe that the team is focused on the Liberators Cup and this leaves the Chilean championship slightly to one side, with a low performance. But, all this needs to be corrected immediately, because the continental competition requires great potential and extreme dedication, otherwise Cobresal won’t win the classification.
      Even working at home, the Chilean team doesn’t deserve great favoritism, once that their opponent is of quality and has total conditions to make a good match, acting on the same level and bring problems for the home team. So, it’s expectable some caution, a studied match and a lot of marking by both teams.

      Analysis of Corinthians

      Corinthians suffered great losses at the end of 2015 but, amazingly the team can once again provide a great power of reaction, bringing good spare players and managed to show a good level of football.

      The Tite coach had already asked patience of the fans at the beginning of Paulista championship and, also in the first stage of the liberators cup. However, the truth is that Corinthians already has a very competitive football, which still needs to evolve, but at all this evil. A proof of this was the victory, by 2-0, against São Paulo, winning once again this classic and really deserving the three points.

      Now the duel is of the liberators cup, where Corinthians plays away home and knows that a draw would be a good result. Thus, it’s expectable that the Tite coach will take to the field a compact squad with strong defensive characteristics, and then cancel the opponent’s attack, trying to, in the counterattacks, score and dream about the victory.

      Betting suggestion:

      The home team isn’t owner of a strong attack and, moreover, they shouldn’t show a superior football to the opponent. Corinthians is led by a coach who hasn’t great offensive characteristics and, is still important to remember that the team is in a first liberators cup, where then they should not start the competition with great aggressiveness. Thus, it’s expectable a match without great opportunities and with a low scoreboard.

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      Stats » Copa Libertadores » Cobresal vs Corinthians