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Topic: Racing Club vs Puebla - Copa Libertadores 1st Round 11/02/16 00:45  (Read 285 times)

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    Puebla 2-2 Racing
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      Analysis: Racing Club vs Puebla (11 February 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: February 09 2016, 16:55 »

      Racing Club and Puebla will match at the Presidente Juan Domingo Perón Stadium, in Avellaneda, in a match counting for the second leg of the first round of the Libertadores Cup.
      The historic of direct confrontation is very short, and reminds us just for the first leg of this qualifier, on which they drew, at Puebla’s home, by 2-2.

      Analysis of Racing Club

      The "Academy" comes unmotivated for this match after a defeat away home, by 2-1, against Atletico Tucuman, counting for the first Argentine ranking: Bou, at 60', even managed to reduce the disadvantage but it wasn’t enough for the team to conquer, at least, one point.

      The best moment of the home team, at home, is in the last 15 minutes of the match, once that in the last ten matches they scored five goals in this range. To note that in the last ten matches at home they opened the scoreboard eight times.

      The two times they've been losing, at home, they only managed to go around the scoreboard once. To note that Racing is quite competent in home matches, once that they have a high average of goals scored and a low average of goals conceded.

      Analysis of Puebla

      The "Franja" comes very motivated for this match after a win at home, by 4-1, against Atlas, counting for the first Mexican league: Valdez, Navarro and Kannemann (own goal), scored the winning goals.

      In the last ten matches, Puebla opened the scoreboard just in five times, and in only three they were winning at the end of the match. To note that from the three times they've been at disadvantage they could never get back the result.

      The best moment of the visiting team is between 16' and 30', and this is when you can target more often the enemy’s goal, maintaining the defensive consistency. It’s also important to note that away home, their average of scored and conceded goals is relatively low.

      Betting suggestion:

      The most likely scenario for this match will be Racing to win. One of the big weapons of the home team is the counterattack. Taking into account that the home team to be already ahead in the qualifier, it’s expectable that Puebla will look to react and will try to reach the goal, providing space on the back of their defense which can be well used by the "enemy".

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      Stats » Copa Libertadores » Racing Club vs Puebla