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Topic: Bochum vs Bayern München - DFB Pokal Quarter-finals 10/02/16 19:30  (Read 83 times)

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    Bochum vs Bayern München

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    Bayern München

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    Bochum 1-5 Bayern München
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      Analysis: Bochum vs Bayern München (10 February 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: February 09 2016, 11:02 »

      Bochum and Bayern Munich will take on each other on the Rewirpower Stadium in a match counting for the round of 8 of the DFB Pokal.
      As expectable, the historic between the two teams favors, clearly, the visiting team. Bayern Munich won the last five matches against the "enemy" of this match.
      The last time the teams met in this pitch was in January of the last year, in a friendly match that finished with a victory of the visitors, by 1-5.

      Analysis of Bochum

      Bochum comes motivated for this match after a home win, by 2-0, against Freiburg, counting for the second German league. Terrazzino and Hoogland scored the goals of victory.
      The best moment of Bochum, at home, is in the first fifteen minutes of the match; on which they can more often to score the "enemy" goal. To note that in the last ten matches at home they opened the scoreboard four times.
      The two times they've been losing they couldn’t go around the result. Importantly, their goal average at home is very high, and, on the other hand, the average of conceded goals is relatively low.

      Analysis of Bayern München

      "Die Roten" comes for this match after a goalless draw away home, against Bayer Leverkusen. To note that in the last match for the DFB Pokal, Munich beat, by 1-3, Wolfsburg.
      In the last 10 matches they’ve done, Bayern Munich opened the scoreboard seven times, and in seven they were winning at the end of the match. On average, the team scores 1.4 goals per match and suffers 0.6 goals per match.
      The best moment of the team led by Pepe Guardiola, away home, is between 61’ and 75’, once that it’s in this period that the team scores more goals and they keep the defensive consistency. To note that, statistically, is on the second half of the match that the visiting team suffers more goals.

      Betting suggestion:

      The most likely scenario for this match will be the occurrence of some goals. Usually, Bayern Munich shows signs of being ruthless and having no "punishment" of the opponent, slaughtering from the beginning until the end of the match. Thus, it’s foreseeable that the visiting team will be able to convert on goal some of the many opportunities they’ll have.

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      Stats » DFB Pokal » Bochum vs Bayern München