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Topic: Special offer: opening of the English forum  (Read 2107 times)

Offline Rui Teixeira

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  • PR team
    Special offer: opening of the English forum
    « on: November 17 2015, 16:20 »
    Make your presentation and win one of 30 x 5€ vouchers

    To celebrate the opening of the English forum, we invite everyone to make their presentation in English, by creating a new topic here:

    Your presentation topic must include:
    • your name
    • how long ago you made your first online sports bet
    • how long ago you made your first trade (if applicable)
    • in what sports do you usually bet
    • in what betting markets do you usually enter
    • other information you may think is relevant ;)

    We will pick randomly 30 lucky members of our comunity who opened their own presentation topic (in English here) until sunday,  November 29th.

    The winners will be announced here in this topic, on monday, November  30th .

    Prizes will be paid through your Skrill or Neteller accounts submited in the "win points page".
    The Skrill/Neteller account doesn't have to be openned via our links, although if you do so, you will also win the corresponding Academy points for that :)

    Good luck to everyone!

    Offline Sardinha

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      Re: Special offer: opening of the English forum
      « Reply #1 on: November 17 2015, 16:41 »
      All presentation before the date of the contest will also enter the offer.

      Offline Rui Teixeira

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      • PR team
        Re: Special offer: opening of the English forum
        « Reply #2 on: December 03 2015, 15:25 »
        We just made the draw, using the website with a list of 46 members who met the requirements:
        - they made their own presentation to the english community (by opening a new topic here),
        - topics created until the sunday, November 29.

        And the 30 lucky winners are:
        • alvarovaz
        • André Lopes0558
        • Avenger
        • b4rt
        • Baneno
        • briber2000
        • curioso33
        • duanmothe
        • Fabiano Marques
        • filipemiguelsilva
        • Foot
        • Hugo Gomes
        • Jorgetaipa
        • José Marques
        • LuísCSM
        • m_16
        • MadJonas
        • madvision
        • Magalhaez
        • matu.bos80
        • Mirko
        • mitra820
        • nonleaf
        • Nuno Dsá
        • Otaviano
        • rodrigorhfs
        • RonnySousa
        • Rui_Pinto
        • srjota6
        • Tsigalko7

        If you are one of the 30 lucky winners, please make sure you have submitted your Skrill or your Neteller account here:
        If you have not submitted the account until sunday, December 12, your right to the prize will be lost.
        The prizes will be paid for the Skrill account, or to the Neteller account if Skrill not available. If you have both accounts and prefer the Neteller account please send me a personal message.

        Congratulations to the winners!
        Let's boost our english community!