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Topic: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Fulham - Championship Rnd.26 12/01/16 19:45  (Read 116 times)

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    Head-to-Head in the last 3 years
    Date   Home   Away
    Fulham 0-3 Wolverhampton
    Wolverhampton 3-0 Fulham
    Wolverhampton 2-2

    ET 3-3

    PG 3-5

    Fulham 0-0 Wolverhampton
    Fulham 0-1 Wolverhampton
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      Analysis: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Fulham (12 January 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: January 10 2016, 17:42 »

      The game is between two teams that used to compete often in the first division, but now bemoan middle table position., It is an important game, not only due to the possibility of approaching, albeit slowly, of the league leaders, but also due to the strong rivalry between these two teams.

      Analysis of Wolverhampton Wanderers

      Wolver is currently in the eleventh place of the competition, their recent form is an excellent run, three straight victories, and the excellent achievement of not conceding goals in 5 of the last 7 games against Fulham. Besides, in the last 3 League matches the team has suffered no goals. Another interesting fact is that the the team has not been defeated at home in 8 games against Fulham. Speaking of how the Wolver has played, it is the typical team that seems to have woken up late in the championship. From the beginning, many spoke that this team should yield more than they have earned so far, it seemed that the tactical system did not fit. After changes, especially in the pair of strikers, Wolver unraveled to make more goals and therefore hold the ball forward longer. For this match all players are available.

      Analysis of Fulham

      Fulham continues to live a big crisis, with enormous political problems and living a turmoil behind the scenes. Because of the signings that did not work, the team got lost in the field and today is only the nineteenth place in the table, with 27 points and 10 defeats so far. One of the biggest weapons of visitors are the set pieces. Having scored some important goals, Fulham has focused the training on set pieces. I have particulary not liked the way this team was built for this season, Fulham abused in finding players of a very low age range and the experience is lacking during the season. I believe the team will play defensively in this away game against Wolver, who is in a good form coming to this match.

      Betting suggestion:

      It is difficult to choose a team to win other than the Wolver for this match. Their good form is important, and conquering the fourth win is entirely possible here, they are very superior. Playing at home, they will be focused on victory. I think that playing at home and focused to get the fourth straight win, the Wolvers should win.

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