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Topic: Ipswich Town vs Leeds United - Championship Rnd.26 12/01/16 19:45  (Read 87 times)

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    Date   Home   Away
    Leeds 0-1 Ipswich
    Leeds 2-1 Ipswich
    Ipswich 4-1 Leeds
    Leeds 1-1 Ipswich
    Ipswich 1-2 Leeds
    Ipswich 3-0 Leeds
    Leeds 2-0 Ipswich
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      Analysis: Ipswich Town vs Leeds United (12 January 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: January 10 2016, 18:55 »

      A math of much rivalry, much dispute between the two teams that always protagonist very interesting matches. Ip must win to continue with the block of the first places, while Leeds that occupies a middle position of the league table needs to wake up if they still want to try something better in this championship. 

      Analysis of Ipswich

      The home team is in sixth place on the league table, with a very firm squad and good numbers. The team comes from two wins and a draw.
      One of the characteristics of this team is the crazy way they play giving plenty of space, being very common to score and let the opponents also do it. One of their strongest points are air balls. The team uses and abuses of crosses into the area once that they have tall players and that are responsible for much of the scored goals.
      One of the problems presented is the poor marking that easily grants territory to his opponent, giving a few shots from far, repeatedly.
      Berra and Smith are in doubts for this match. 

      Analysis of Leeds

      Leeds started very badly this season, with very poor performances while playing away home. Gradually the team, with some exchanges, was back on track and is already more cohesive. Currently they are in thirteenth place but their current form is interesting because, looking to the last six matches, we see no defeat, only four draws and two wins.
      The players of Leeds know that one of the factors for the improvement of the team was undoubtedly the change in the tactical system. The beginning of the year’s team is not nearly the organized team that now plays, one time in 6-3-1 other in 3-5-2.
      The Leeds has no absences for this match.

      Betting suggestion:

      With much firmer way of Leeds playing, it’s not known if we will have such an open match. The initial idea would be to bet on a busy match but, with Leeds hardening to his opponents, it would rather bet on the home team. They have much more players to change during the match and are a team that is going through a great technical time winning against very important opponents. 

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