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Topic: Brentford vs Middlesbrough - Championship Rnd.26 12/01/16 19:45  (Read 68 times)

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    Stats » Championship England » Brentford vs Middlesbrough

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      Analysis: Brentford vs Middlesbrough (12 January 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: January 10 2016, 13:24 »

      Analysis of Brentford

      Brentford is the tenth placed in the league, with 36 points, and have a good team. The team is very well organized and technically also has good values. They’re in the middle of the league table but they have ever been better placed.
      Their current performance isn’t good, the team is still hovering lot and because this they don't do an even better handling. The defeat in the last match against Cardiff made the fans back to lose confidence on the team that had conquered two wins and two draws. However, if there is any consolation is that in the last match the team wasn’t playing with all their players. For this match, Brentford has no absences until now.
      The expectation is that the strategy adopted will be of counterattacks, even playing at home. The team knows that his opponent is very strong and, having this weapon as one of the strong points, they should start to this strategy.
      Middlesbrough takes a strong advantage in this confrontation. 

      Analysis of Middlesbrough

      Middlesbrough comes for this match after a strong victory handling as the league leader, being already the leader for several rounds and with 52 points conquered.
      Their current performance is also the best in the entire league. The team are unbeaten for some matches (only lost 4 times in the league), and comes after a series of four consecutive wins against opponents of some renown as Birmingham.
      One of the secrets of this team, besides the strong collective, is that the team has excellent players in their defense, and has the best championship numbers. There are several matches that the team didn’t score a single goal, having broken a record league. In the last 8 consecutive matches, the team does not score any goal, ie, they have been playing as mandated by the music.
      Another scary fact for the opponent is that Middlesbrough simply won all the last six matches. 

      Betting suggestion:

      So, it’s difficult to believe that the visiting team won’t win. They are very strong, have very concrete numbers and have a football of great quality. We believe that this team will be the champion and win this match, but the odds are so good that we can easily settle with a draw. 

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      Stats » Championship » Brentford vs Middlesbrough