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Topic: Morelia vs Cruz Azul - Liga MX Rnd.1 10/01/16 02:30  (Read 217 times)

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    Morelia vs Cruz Azul - Liga MX Rnd.1 10/01/16 02:30
    « on: January 07 2016, 04:03 »
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    Sem Tips.
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    • ftvieira (62º) +740% profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 1.90 Yes

      Market: Both teams to Score?

    • Back @ 3.75 Over 3.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 3.5 Goals

    • Back @ 9.00 Over 4.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 4.5 Goals

    • Ju_Martins (3842º) +317% profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 1.08 Over 0.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 0.5 Goals

    • Cláudio Alves (3883º) +138% profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 1.08 Over 0.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 0.5 Goals

    • chaulaura (3969º) +111% profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 1.08 Over 0.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 0.5 Goals

    • Przybysz77 (4058º) +1236% profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 2.48 Monarcas Morelia

      Market: Match Odds

    • kiyh33 (4202º) +388% comp+market profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 3.25 Over 1.5 Goals

      Market: First Half Goals 1.5

    • kiyh33 (4202º) +10% comp+market profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 2.15 Over 2.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 2.5 goals

    • alfabeto (4254º) +484% profit on the 30 day market
      Back @ 1.36 Over 1.5 Goals

      Market: Over/Under 1.5 Goals

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      Analysis: Morelia vs Cruz Azul (10 January 2016)
      « Reply #1 on: January 08 2016, 12:18 »

      On Sunday, Cruz Azul visit to Morelos Stadium to take on Monarcas Morelia for the 1st round of the Clausura. This match is between two teams that have made similar campaigns in the latest edition of the Apertura, the home team finished in tenth position and the visiting team in fourteenth place. In the last match between the teams, Monarcas Morelia won by 3-0, away home.

      Analysis of Morelia

      Monarcas Morelia comes for the Clausura after a median campaign in the last Apertura, having finished in the tenth position. Two places below the classification zone for the following stage. For the current competition, the team aims to advance the stage and thereafter will be considered a good campaign. For the first match the team knows the difficulties that will face, once that it’s always be balanced matches against their opponent. However, they have the advantage of having the support of their home squad and the moral of had winning the last match against Cruz Azul.
      To this match for the Clausura, the coach Enrique Meza will count on the strengthening of six players and they are: the defender Emanuel Loeschbor, the midfielders Alejandro Gagliardi, Zárate, Vilchis and Loboa, and the forward Luis Gabriel Rey. On the other hand, eight players left the team, three in a definitive way and five per loan. In definitive way were the players Mena, Palacios and Marcos Ochoa. On loan left Huiqui, Valdez, Villalpando, Oscar Fernandez and Hibert Ruiz. 

      Analysis of Cruz Azul

      Cruz Azul made a median to weak campaign in the last Apertura, because they only finished in the fourteenth place and away from the classifying zone. For the Clausura, the team doesn’t have many pretensions, but if they can reach a place in the next phase it will already be considered a great achievement, especially for its limited squad. For the match against Monarcas Morelia, the team led by the coach Tomas Boy will have a tough match and, if they reach a draw it will be already considered a good result.

      Seeking a better position in the competition, Cruz Azul brought three reinforcements to the squad and they are: Ramirez and Victor Vazquez Solsona to the midfield and Joffre Guerrón to the attack. On the other hand, the team lost eight players, two in definitive and six who left on loan. Frederick Carrizo returned to Boca Juniors after his loan over and Belluschi left the team. The borrowed players were Lucas Silva, Flores, Loeschbor, Amione, Báez, Gutierrez and Alejandro Vela. 

      Betting suggestion:

      Both teams have difficulties on the defensive sector and proved it last season. This factor opens up a range of betting possibilities in this match, but the fact that Cruz Azul to play away home and to have a very incisive attack, gives us facts to believe that the match could have goals and, a bet on over 1.5 goals seems of great value. 

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      Stats » Liga MX » Morelia vs Cruz Azul