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Topic: Correct Score  (Read 406 times)

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    Correct Score
    « on: November 23 2016, 17:17 »
    Hi guys
    First of all sorry for my english but I believe we can understand each other

    Well I always worked on MatchOdds with sucess
    Than I tried horse markets also with sucess. I just tried that because I wish to try work on high odds
    But I dont like horses

    So I come back to soccer and I tried CS and I am loving it.  I like to work in high odds as I said
    I started with a very small stake 4€ on 11 November  ( you will see my excel shows 1 Nov but its because it was the only way I found to it  displays correct information in the next days )

    The way I'm working on this market CS its almost scalping but in high odds it makes sense for me.
    also when the game is 0-0 I try to work on 2-0 or 3-0  and not always in 1-0 0-1
    All my strategy depends a lot of what game is and also the odds

    Just to show how "im running" I post my excel only with % .
    for me the % its the goal.  I will moveup stakes and when I work with 100€ if I have high % = high profit

    I tried to work a bit on excel to only show you the %
    When it says Percentagem Obtida it means what I had won since day 1Nov = 11Nov till yesterday

    What about you... do you have any strategy?
    I opened this topic because I dont have any friends to talk or share strategys about this "special" market.

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