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Topic: Equity  (Read 158 times)

Offline Equity

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    « on: December 20 2015, 11:01 »
    Ola!  (hello)

    My name is Equity. I'm betting since 2006 and I discovered Paulo Rebelo in 2013 through one of his youtube videos which had English subtitles.

    I have a passion for searching for a value in general so his ideas and experiences struck a chord with me. I even learned Portuguese a bit so I could understand another topics he discussed!

    Last year I bought his two books and although they cover mostly basic stuff I liked them a lot. I read them couple of times to refresh my mindset.
    What was the most important part for me was how, after certain point, happiness doesn't increase with amount of money earned. What makes you happy are single things like just being healthy, spending time with family, sleeping, reading books etc.

    Paulo shows that to have good insight about markets one has to now first a lot about himself.

    I want to thank Paolo for sharing his knowledge. It's remarkable.

    I hope to go to one of his seminars. That would be a pleasure!

    Thank you and bet well! (fan)

    Offline Sardinha

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      Re: Equity
      « Reply #1 on: December 20 2015, 13:40 »
      Hi :)

      Welcome to Betting Academy.

      Hope you can tell your friends about the site.