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Topic: Olympique Marseille vs PSG - Coupe de France Final 21/05/16 20:00  (Read 130 times)

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    Marseille vs PSG

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    Head-to-Head in the last 3 years
    Date   Home   Away
    Marseille 1-2 PSG
    PSG 2-1 Marseille
    Marseille 2-3 PSG
    PSG 2-0 Marseille
    PSG 2-0 Marseille
    Marseille 1-2 PSG
    PSG 2-0 Marseille
    PSG 2-0 Marseille
    PSG 2-0 Marseille
    Marseille 2-2 PSG
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      Analysis: Olympique Marseille vs PSG (21 May 2016)
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      Olympique de Marseille and Paris Saint Germain will match in the Stade de France (Paris), at 16:00 of the day 21/05/16. This match is valid for the Final of the French Cup. The direct confrontation to compare teams favors PSG, once that in forty-five played matches Paris Saint Germain won twenty-one matches and lost fifteen. Marseille won fifteen matches and lost twenty-one. There also occurred nine draws between the teams. The last time they match was in 07/02/16 for the French Championship, where PSG won away home by 1-2.

      Analysis of Marseille

      Olympique Marseille comes for this final after five matches, where they won all of them. Along the way the team match teams as Caen, Montpellier, Trélissac also Granville and Sochaux.
      At home the team played only one match, against Montpellier, and won by 2-0. Thus, the team had working sectors, showing an average of 2 scored goals and an average zero conceded goals. Note that to reach this final, being mostly away home matches, merits for the team to act as a visitor, because in the four matches they played in these conditions, despite having won all the four, the team presented an average of 1 scored goal and zero conceded goals.
      It’s important to note that this year the team played mostly matches for the French Championship, on which held a total of thirty-eight matches, winning ten, drawn eighteen and lost ten, ie, they won mostly draws. They’re a team that usually scores and suffers few goals, once that their average of goals scored is 1.26 and suffered is 1.11.
      For this final the team is in a good moment as they come after five consecutive matches without conceding defeat, and from these five matches, one is for the French Cup and four are for the French Championship, three wins and two draws. Highlighting that Marseille has won the title of the French Cup for ten times, but their last victory was in the 1988/89 season.

      Analysis of PSG

      Paris Saint Germain comes for this final after having played a total of five matches, winning all. To get to this great final the team matches and defeated the teams of Wasquehal, Toulouse, Lyon, and also Saint Etienne and Lorient.
      Away home Paris Saint Germain played three matches, where in addition to having won the three matches, they presented sectors that work once that their average of goals scored is 1.67 and suffered is 0.33 goals, demonstrating a great offensive and defensive performance. At home the team played two matches, having won two, on which presented a better performance, once that scored on average 2.50 goals and conceded an average of 0.50 goals.
      It’s important to note that in addition to Paris Saint Germain have won the French league title in advance, in thirty-eight matches for this competition they won thirty, drawn six and lost two, that is, they won mostly wins. Recall that the team finished this competition with the best attack and the best defense in the league. For this match PSG is going through a great moment as they come after seven straight matches without suffering losses, being these seven matches played for the French Championship, where they’re the great champion; for the French Cup on which is in the final; and for the league Cup, on which the team won the title against Lille. Note that PSG has won the title of the French Cup for nine times, and the last time was in 2014/15 season.

      Betting suggestion:

      For this final, both Marseille that will be the home team as Paris Saint Germain won all the matches played in this championship. Recall that they present in general a good offensive and defensive performance; however, PSG is a more technical team and with more offensive and defensive power.
      So, we believe that, in addition to the winning of the French Championship and of the League Cup, PSG will win another title, this time the French Cup.

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