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Topic: Freiburg vs Leverkusen - Bundesliga Rnd.29 11/04/20 01:00  (Read 9 times)

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    Match Odds 76 Place your bet
    Freiburg 10%
    The Draw 8%
    Leverkusen 82%
    Over/Under 2.5 goals 24 Place your bet
    Over 2.5 Goals 83%
    Under 2.5 Goals 17%
    Half Time 24 Place your bet
    Freiburg 25%
    The Draw 13%
    Leverkusen 63%
    First Half Goals 21 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 1.5 Goals 11 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 100%
    Under 1.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 3.5 Goals 7 Place your bet
    Over 3.5 Goals 71%
    Under 3.5 Goals 29%
    Over/Under 4.5 Goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 4.5 Goals 100%
    Under 4.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 0.5 Goals 3 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 5.5 Goals 2 Place your bet
    Over 5.5 Goals 50%
    Under 5.5 Goals 50%
    Over/Under 6.5 Goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 6.5 Goals 0%
    Under 6.5 Goals 100%
    Both teams to Score? 41 Place your bet
    Yes 95%
    No 5%
    Penalty Taken? 1 Place your bet
    Yes 0%
    No 100%
    Half With Most Goals 8 Place your bet
    1st Half 0%
    Tie 13%
    2nd Half 88%
    Second Half 0%
    Corners Odds 4 Place your bet
    9 or less 0%
    10 - 12 63%
    13 or more 38%
    Odd or Even Total Goals 3 Place your bet
    Even 33%
    Odd 67%
    First Half Goals 1.5 16 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 69%
    Under 1.5 Goals 31%
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    👉 Which is the most voted bet for this match?

    The most voted bet by tipsters at Online Betting Academy, for the Freiburg Bayer Leverkusen match, on the "match odds" market, was a win by Bayer Leverkusen at with 82% of the tips.

    👉 Which is the recommended bet for the Freiburg Bayer Leverkusen match?

    The tip and bet suggestion for the Freiburg vs Bayer Leverkusen match, on 29 May 2020, of the preview written by the editors of Online Betting Academy, goes to: Bayer Leverkusen wins ⇒ odd 1.70 at bet365.

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      Analysis: Freiburg vs Bayer Leverkusen (29 May 2020)
      « Reply #1 on: May 27 2020, 18:51 »

      Freiburg and Bayer Leverkusen meet at Schwarzwald‑Stadion, in a match for the 29th round of the Bundesliga. These teams have tied (1‑1) in the last head‑to‑head for this edition of the league, played on 23‑11‑2019. At this stadium, the head‑to‑head history favours the home team, since they have a record of 1 win and 2 draws in the last 3 matches. However, the last time these teams met at this stadium, on 07‑10‑2018, in a match for the Bundesliga, they tied (0‑0).

      Analysis of Freiburg

      After 10 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses, the home team is in the 8th position, havinf won 36 points so far. In the last match, they have won at home against Union Berlin by (3‑1), after in the previous match they have lost (1‑0) an away match against Borussia Dortmund. For the league, Freiburg won 17 points out of 30 possible points, after 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses in the last 10 home matches. Defensive consistency hasn’t been their best feature, as they have conceded goals in 9 of the last 10 matches for this competition. They have conceded the first goal in 14 of their 25 matches for this competition, and have only turned the score around in 2. there are 2 periods that stand out in the last 12 home matches for this competition: they have scored 8 of their 16 goals between minutes (76'‑90'); they have suffered 5 of their 14 goals between minutes (76'‑90').

      Freiburg will play at home, but that does not mean that they will have facilities throughout the match. The demand on him will be very high and this will make him need to be very well prepared for the match. From defense to attack he will need to show quality, as he cannot fail or waste opportunities. If he wants a good result, his performance must be of a high level until the final whistle. It is important to emphasize that any carelessness that he has can be fatal.

      Analysis of Bayer Leverkusen

      The away team is currently in the 5th position of the league, with 47 points won, after 14 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses. In the penultimate match, they tied in an away match against RB Leipzig, by (1‑1). In the last match, they won in a home match against Eintracht Frankfurt, by (4‑0). In their last match, for the UEFA Europa League, they got an away win against Rangers by (1‑3). In the last 10 away league matches Bayer Leverkusen has a record of 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses, so they have won 19 points out of 30 possible. Their offense has scored consistently, as they have scored goals in 9 of the last 10 matches for this competition. In 25 matches for this competition, they have conceded the first goal 7 times and have only turned the score around in 1. In the last 12 away matches for this competition there is 1 period that stands out: they have conceded 6 of their 17 goals between minutes (76'‑90').

      Bayer Leverkusen is firm and strong in the fight for a place in the Champions League. Today we can say that he is able to win at home and even away from home. Because he has interests at stake, he should come with everything for this confrontation, because stumbling is something he does not want. The need for victory is great, so he will have to involve the local team and not let him play. If everything goes as planned, you can return home with points in your luggage.

      Betting suggestion:

      Even playing at home, the Freiburg team must find a complicated game ahead, so they will have to be aware. Visitors want a spot within the qualifying zone, so they will be looking for points in that round. Bayern Leverkusen has a more qualified team and should show this throughout the match, so our bet will be on Bayern Leverkusen's triumph until the end of the 90 minutes.

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