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Topic: Bayern München vs Chelsea - UEFA Champions League 8th Finals 18/03/20 20:00  (Read 9 times)

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    Head-to-Head in the last 3 years
    Date   Home   Away
    Chelsea 0-3 Bayern München
    Chelsea 2-3 Bayern München
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    Match Odds 115 Place your bet
    Bayern Munich 91%
    The Draw 2%
    Chelsea 7%
    Over/Under 2.5 goals 23 Place your bet
    Over 2.5 Goals 83%
    Under 2.5 Goals 17%
    Half Time 24 Place your bet
    Bayern Munich 77%
    The Draw 10%
    Chelsea 13%
    First Half Goals 9 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 89%
    Under 0.5 Goals 11%
    Over/Under 1.5 Goals 20 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 95%
    Under 1.5 Goals 5%
    Over/Under 3.5 Goals 15 Place your bet
    Over 3.5 Goals 60%
    Under 3.5 Goals 40%
    Over/Under 4.5 Goals 17 Place your bet
    Over 4.5 Goals 35%
    Under 4.5 Goals 65%
    Over/Under 0.5 Goals 4 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 5.5 Goals 3 Place your bet
    Over 5.5 Goals 67%
    Under 5.5 Goals 33%
    Over/Under 6.5 Goals 3 Place your bet
    Over 6.5 Goals 33%
    Under 6.5 Goals 67%
    Both teams to Score? 31 Place your bet
    Yes 65%
    No 35%
    Penalty Taken? 4 Place your bet
    Yes 100%
    No 0%
    Half With Most Goals 5 Place your bet
    1st Half 80%
    Second Half 0%
    Tie 0%
    2nd Half 20%
    Corners Odds 6 Place your bet
    9 or less 17%
    10 - 12 42%
    13 or more 42%
    First Half Goals 1.5 15 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 73%
    Under 1.5 Goals 27%
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    👉 Which is the most voted bet for this match?

    The most voted bet by tipsters at Online Betting Academy, for the Bayern München Chelsea match, on the "match odds" market, was a win by Bayern München at with 91% of the tips.

    👉 Which is the recommended bet for the Bayern München Chelsea match?

    The tip and bet suggestion for the Bayern München vs Chelsea match, on 8 August 2020, of the preview written by the editors of Online Betting Academy, goes to: Asian Handicap, Bayern München -1 ⇒ odd 1.60 at bet365.

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      Analysis: Bayern München vs Chelsea (08 August 2020)
      « Reply #1 on: August 06 2020, 12:55 »

      Bayern München and Chelsea face at Allianz‑Arena, in a 2nd leg match for the UEFA Champions League (8th Finals), after the (0‑3) away win by Bayern München in the 1st leg match. The head‑to‑head history of the last 3 years favours the home team, since in the last 2 matches they won 2. Chelsea registers significant differences between home and away results, so special attention is due to the home/away factor.

      Analysis of Bayern München

      After the away win by (0‑3), the home team comes to this 2nd leg match with an advantage of 3 goals. This is a team that usually maintains its competitive levels in home and away matches, since in the last 30 matches they register 11 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in away matches; against 12 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses at their stadium. In their last match, for the Bundesliga, they got a home win against Augsburg by (2‑0). In the last 10 home matches Bayern München has won 8, tied 1 and lost 1.

      They have won the last 7 matches for this competition. Their offense has scored frequently, since they have scored goals in all of the last 7 matches for this competition. There is a tendency for goals in their home matches, since 46 of the last 53 have ended with Over 1,5 goals and 39 out of 53 have ended with Over 2,5 goals.

      Bayern Munich heads into this match with a 1-0 win against Olympique Marseille, in preparation for the next official matches. Note that the Germans beat Chelsea in the first leg of this round by 0-3: the goals were signed by Gnabry and Lewandowski. In this second game, the coach Hans-Dieter Flick should opt for 4-3-3, aiming at defensive consistency and the outlets to attack in an organized way. In this tactical design we highlight Gnabry, Coman and Lewandowski, the first two being very fast in transporting the ball to the attack and the last very strong when finishing. For this match the home coach cannot count on Sule and Pavard, both with physical problems.

      Analysis of Chelsea

      After the home loss in the 1st leg, the away team comes to this 2nd leg with a disadvantage of 3 goals and the hard task of having to come back from a negative result in an away match. This is a team that usually gets better results in away matches than at home, since in the last 30 matches they register 8 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses in away matches, with 28 goals scored and 20 conceded; against 8 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses at their stadium, with 25 goals scored and 18 conceded. In their last match, for the Premier League, they got a home win against Everton by (4‑0). In the last 10 away matches Chelsea has won 3, tied 4 and lost 3. Defensive consistency hasn’t been their best feature, as they have conceded goals in 6 of the last 7 matches, but their offense has scored consistently, as they have scored goals in 5 of the last 7 matches for this competition. In 15 matches, they have conceded the first goal 5 times and have only turned the score around in 1.

      Chelsea enter this game after a 2-1 defeat against Arsenal, in a game counting for the FA Cup final. In this match against Bayern Munich, the English have a very complicated task ahead, since they lost the first game at home by 0-3. Now, in this trip to Germany, coach Frank Lampard should opt for the 3-4-3 aiming at defensive organization and the outlets for the attack also through the flanks. In this drawing, Willian, Mason Mount and Giroud will occupy the two most advanced positions, while Emerson, James, Kanté and Kovacic will occupy the middle line of this formation. For this game the visiting team cannot count on Jorginho and Marcos Alonso, punished, in addition to Azpilicueta, Pulisic, Pedro, Gilmour and Loftus-Cheek, these with physical problems.

      Betting suggestion:

      The trend of this match will be a triumph for Bayern Munich. The German team has all the conditions to win another victory in this Champions League, as they face an opponent who is very far from their exhibition level. On the other hand, Chelsea has some flaws in the game model, especially in the most backward sector. Still, the English have a very dangerous offensive sector, but insufficient to leave with a good result. Having said that and taking into account these details, taking chances in favor of the Germans in this second match is the best option.

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