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Topic: Panionios vs AEK - Super League Rnd.26 01/03/20 17:00  (Read 6 times)

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    Panionios vs AEK - Super League Rnd.26 01/03/20 17:00
    « on: February 27 2020, 04:03 »
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    Head-to-Head in the last 3 years
    Date   Home   Away
    AEK 5-0 Panionios
    Panionios 0-2 AEK
    AEK 4-0 Panionios
    AEK 1-0 Panionios
    Panionios 0-1 AEK
    Panionios 1-2 AEK
    AEK 0-1 Panionios
    Panionios 1-1 AEK
    AEK 0-0 Panionios
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    Match Odds 6 Place your bet
    Panionios 0%
    The Draw 0%
    AEK Athens 100%
    Over/Under 2.5 goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 2.5 Goals 100%
    Under 2.5 Goals 0%
    First Half Goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 1.5 Goals 2 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 100%
    Under 1.5 Goals 0%
    Half With Most Goals 1 Place your bet
    1st Half 0%
    Tie 0%
    2nd Half 100%
    Second Half 0%
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    👉 Which is the most voted bet for this match?

    The most voted bet by tipsters at Online Betting Academy, for the Panionios AEK Athens match, on the "match odds" market, was a win by AEK Athens at with 100% of the tips.

    👉 Which is the recommended bet for the Panionios AEK Athens match?

    The tip and bet suggestion for the Panionios vs AEK Athens match, on 1 March 2020, of the preview written by the editors of Online Betting Academy, goes to: AEK Athens wins ⇒ odd 1.53 at bet365.

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      Analysis: Panionios vs AEK Athens (01 March 2020)
      « Reply #1 on: March 01 2020, 00:19 »

      Panionios will host AEK at Stadio Néas Smírnis, in a game valid for the 26th round of the Greek championship. Regarding the local team nothing changes, after all it goes from bad to worse and its destination should be the second division. Regarding visitors, they are at the top of the table and are determined to improve their numbers. AEK won the last game against Panionios by the score of 5x0 and is the favorite to add the three points in this one.

      Analysis of Panionios

      Panionios is going from bad to worse in the Greek league, and not even their most loyal supporters believe in salvation. It has the worst attack of the competition, the worst defense and the worst campaign. There is still a relegation octagonal relegation left to try to grow, but only with a drastic change will this happen. However, from what we have seen so far, this should not happen. The team is very weak and can do little in front of their opponents.
      To have an idea, in the last round, they were defeated by the second worst team in the championship. Even so, they will try to do something different, and if they can score they can celebrate. This is said as the difficulty will be very great, considering that they will face one of the biggest teams in the country. As already said, Panionios will try to score, but in reality it will have to focus on not being beaten. In this match, Novica Maksimovic will be left out for being in the medical department.

      Analysis of AEK Athens

      AEK is at the top of the table and it is no surprise to say that, after all it is one of the biggest teams in the country. The team comes from a great invincibility and this is really motivating. However, they want to show even more in the final hexagonal, as they still craves bigger things there. In this last game (of the current phase), they are the big favorites and even far from their domains, they come to add the three points. The difference both in the technique and in campaign in relation to their opponent is huge.
      With calm and tranquility on the pitch, the probability of having possession of the ball and leading the duel increases considerably. They will not be able to enter the field in high heels, after all this can harm them.. Therefore, with respect and attitude, there is no risk of being defeated. The expectation is that AEK dominates the confrontation and has no difficulties to score their goals. In this match, Konstantinos Galanopoulos will be left out for being in the medical department.

      Betting suggestion:

      Panionios is encountering a lot of difficulties on the pitch and that is why it is important to show something more going from now on. The visitors have a great chance of scoring in this game, due to the fact of facing a technically inferior team. We believe that even away from home, the AEK team will take advantage, for that reason we will bet on the victory of the visitors until the end of the 90 minutes.

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