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Topic: Mel Victory vs Chiangrai Utd - AFC Champions League Group E Rnd.1 11/02/20 08:35  (Read 4 times)

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    Match Odds 19 Place your bet
    Melbourne Victory 76%
    The Draw 11%
    Chiangrai Utd 13%
    Over/Under 2.5 goals 12 Place your bet
    Under 2.5 Goals 8%
    Over 2.5 Goals 92%
    Half Time 7 Place your bet
    Melbourne Victory 50%
    The Draw 21%
    Chiangrai Utd 29%
    First Half Goals 4 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 1.5 Goals 6 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 100%
    Under 1.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 3.5 Goals 2 Place your bet
    Over 3.5 Goals 100%
    Under 3.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 4.5 Goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 4.5 Goals 100%
    Under 4.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 0.5 Goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 6.5 Goals 1 Place your bet
    Over 6.5 Goals 0%
    Under 6.5 Goals 100%
    Both teams to Score? 6 Place your bet
    Yes 100%
    No 0%
    First Half Goals 1.5 1 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 100%
    Under 1.5 Goals 0%
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    👉 Which is the most voted bet for this match?

    The most voted bet by tipsters at Online Betting Academy, for the Melbourne Victory Chiangrai United match, on the "match odds" market, was a win by Melbourne Victory at with 76% of the tips.

    👉 Which is the recommended bet for the Melbourne Victory Chiangrai United match?

    The tip and bet suggestion for the Melbourne Victory vs Chiangrai United match, on 11 February 2020, of the preview written by the editors of Online Betting Academy, goes to: Over 2,5 goals ⇒ odd 1.65 at bet365.

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      Analysis: Melbourne Victory vs Chiangrai United (11 February 2020)
      « Reply #1 on: February 10 2020, 22:12 »

      This Tuesday, Melbourne Victory host Chiangrai United at AAMI Park in a game valid for the first round of group E of the AFC Champions group stage. The two teams that face each other have already competed in this competition, but never had expressive results. It is hard to believe that they can do something very different from previous seasons, but they are here to try. Although they are not the favorites of the group they will try to bother and that is why they want to win in the debut. We should not have a game of high technical quality, and the game should be more based on strength and aerial moves. The Australian team participated in two preliminary rounds before arriving here and eliminated Bali United and Kashima Antlers.

      Analysis of Melbourne Victory

      Once again the Melbourne Victory is participating in the AFC Champions, but except for the fact that it participated in the round of 16 the rest did not pass the group stage. As much as he doesn't have a good track record, he will try to surprise and move on to the next stage. Of course it will be very complicated, after all in his group he has stronger opponents, but he will not give up what he planned. At home he has to try in every way to get good results.
      The most likely to score points is inside your home and as it is the debut you can try to surprise visitors. If he manages to win it will be very good for the course of the competition. Of course, it is not easy, but neither is it impossible, so if he has a qualified and error-free performance, he can achieve a positive result. On the field, Melbourne Victory will need to have attitude, determination and a lot of efficiency to have a favorable score. In this match the best players who are available will go to the field.

      Analysis of Chiangrai United

      In the two times that he participated in the AFC Champions, Chiangrai United was eliminated in the playoff, so much so that he hopes to show an evolution and go further in the competition. Today the team is focused on having regular performance and results, so that it can meet its goals. However, he recognizes that the difficulty is very great and this could end up complicating him. The only way out is to show a football of great quality, after all that way he will be able to face his competitors.
      Even playing away from home he will try to score points and it is behind them that he will go, so he hopes to make a strong mark to try to inhibit the local team. In terms of technical quality, Chiangrai United teams are equipped and this can make the duel more even. Therefore, he wants to combine the individual with the collective to try to get a good result in the debut of the AFC Champions. In this match, the best players available will go to the field.

      Betting suggestion:

      Melbourne Victory has a qualified team and at home is usually very strong, so it should impose itself on the field. The visitors know that it will not be an easy game, but they have confidence in leaving the field with a good result. We hope for a game with good movement and good chances of goals, so we bet that there will be more than 2.5 goals in the match.

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      Stats » AFC Champions League » Melbourne Victory vs Chiangrai United