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Topic: Buriram Utd vs Hồ Chí Minh - AFC Champions League 2nd Preliminary Round 21/01/20 11:30  (Read 6 times)

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      Analysis: Buriram United vs Hồ Chí Minh (21 January 2020)
      « Reply #1 on: January 19 2020, 16:02 »

      This Tuesday, Buriram United hosts Ho Chi Minh at the New I-Mobile Stadium in a game valid for the second preliminary round of the AFC Champions. We will have a confrontation of national vice-champions and who logically do not want to get in the way. On the other hand, the Thai team has more experience than the Vietnamese and this can weigh heavily during the confrontation. Of course, everything is open and both teams must seek victory, but there is no denying that Buriram United comes with a little favoritism.

      Analysis of Buriram United

      For the ninth time Buriram United secured the AFC Champions qualification and they certainly don't want to do ugly. The team is well aware of the difficulty of the competition, but is determined to qualify for the group stage. Certainly, the team the capacity to make this a reality, but it will be on the field that must prove it. As they will play in front of their fans, they end up having a little advantage and want to take advantage of that to obtain the victory.
      On the other hand, they cannot think that everything is won, quite the contrary, they should have a lot of respect for their opponent. This indicates that we can have a balanced match with chances for both sides, where both can have a good result. That said, it is clear that only with a great performance can Buriram United have a score in their favor, otherwise the probability of suffering with a bad result increases a lot. In this match, the best players available will be in the field.

      Analysis of Ho Chi Minh City

      Ho Chi Minh is back in the Asian Champions League and knows that reaching the group stage is very complicated, but does not expect to be eliminated in the first game. The team is aware that advancing to the next phase is indeed possible, even facing someone more experienced and who will play at home. So they want to show their best on the field to surprise and have the score in their favor. It is essential that they know the right moments to execute their actions to end up not getting complicated.
      Of course, the difficulty will be big, so Ho Chi Minh will need to study the game and know the best ways to act. It would be of great importance if they managed to score goals early, because the sooner they open the scoreboard the less complicated it will be to have control of the duel. On the other hand, they should have respect for their opponent, after all if it is here it was deserved. Regardless of everything the Vietnamese are here to do their best and hope that when they hear the final whistle they can celebrate the qualification. In this match, the best players available will be in the field.

      Betting suggestion:

      Buriram United's team needs a victory in this match to continue in the competition, so they should impose themselves on the field and go up. The visiting team is aware that they will not find an easy game and will need to be very attentive. We see the home team as favorites and for that reason we will bet on the victory of Buriram United even in the first half.

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