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Topic: Bradford vs Shrewsbury - League One Rnd.27 29/01/19 19:45  (Read 5 times)

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    Match Odds 6 Place your bet
    Bradford 50%
    The Draw 42%
    Shrewsbury 8%
    Over/Under 2.5 goals 2 Place your bet
    Under 2.5 Goals 50%
    Over 2.5 Goals 50%
    First Half Goals 1 Place your bet
    Under 0.5 Goals 0%
    Over 0.5 Goals 100%
    Over/Under 1.5 Goals 3 Place your bet
    Over 1.5 Goals 100%
    Under 1.5 Goals 0%
    Over/Under 3.5 Goals 2 Place your bet
    Over 3.5 Goals 0%
    Under 3.5 Goals 100%
    Both teams to Score? 1 Place your bet
    Yes 100%
    No 0%
    Odd or Even Total Goals 1 Place your bet
    Even 100%
    Odd 0%
    First Half Goals 1.5 1 Place your bet
    Under 1.5 Goals 100%
    Over 1.5 Goals 0%
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    👉 Which is the most voted bet for this match?

    The most voted bet by tipsters at Online Betting Academy, for the Bradford City Shrewsbury Town match, on the "match odds" market, was a win by Bradford City at with 50% of the tips.

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