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Topic: Rules and goals of the diary  (Read 427 times)

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    Rules and goals of the diary
    « on: January 08 2016, 15:50 »
    In this topic you can share a record of your bets.

    You must open a topic under your user name and share your tips or trading strategies.
    In a way it will work as your personal topic page.

    Your tips and strategies should contain the following information:
    1) match
    2) odd
    3) bookmaker
    4) a justification of your choices

    The advantage of sharing your records is having feedback from the community, to improve your strategy.
       … and also to get credit when you get it right.

    However, it can only be considered a diary if it includes all the information detailed previously, particularly an explicit justification.

    This area of the forum was created so that in the future users may access comments on their diaries, to understand if they have made any mistakes.

    When a dairy doesn’t follow these guidelines, there’s no need to comment on it in this topic.
    Just let me know and I’ll have a look at it and remind the user of the guidelines if necessary.
    Remember that there are no strict rules, only general guidelines to make this work. What’s important is to share and maintain a cooperative spirit.

    However, if a diary should persist on not following these guidelines, it will be eliminated from this topic.