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Contest "Real Tips" Bet365

The winners of Bet365 Tipster Competition will now have access to an extra prize that can reach 150€ for the 1st place!

  • Place
    • 5º - 7º
  • Total Prize
    • $75 + $150
    • $50 + $100
    • $25 + $50
    • $20 + $40
    • $10 + $20
    $600 /month
  • Tips contest
    • $75
    • $50
    • $25
    • $20
    • $10
  • Real Tips
    • $150
    • $100
    • $50
    • $40
    • $20

All you need to do is to submit the "Bet Reference ID" on at least 15 Real Bet365 Tips each month, minimum stake of 10€ and minimum odd of 1.20.

How does it work?

If you are one of the winners at Bet365 Tipster Contest and you have made at least 15 Real Tips on that month, you will also won the extra prize of the contest 'Real Tips' Bet365.

For your tip be a 'Real Tip', you have to place a 10€ bet at odds of 1.20 or greater, on the same market and outcome of the Tip that you are submitting in Bet365 Tipster Competition. First you have to place the bet and copy the "Bet Reference ID", and then place the Tips and submit that 'Real Tip ID'.

Where to see the 'Real Tip ID'?

  • After placing the bet on Bet365, you will see the "Bet Ref" on the bet slip. It is a code of 2 letter and several numbers.
  • If you cannot read the code in the bet slip, you can check your account "History", go to "Sports" and filter "History type" > "Unsettled Sports Bets" of the last 24h;
  • The so called 'Real Tip ID' is the "Bet Confirmation" reference on the table result with your unsettled bets.
  • After finding the Bet Ref, you will have to submit it when placing that Tip on the Bet365 Tipster Competition, in the field 'Real Tip ID' that shows when placing tips with odds greater than 1.20.

bet365-bet-reference-betslip.jpg bet365-bet-reference-historical.jpg

Open your Bet365 account through the Academy:

  • This contest is exclusive for whom had open the Bet365 account through the Academy (submit your account in "Win Academy Points");
  • When placing a tip, you must fill in the 'Bet Confirmation Reference' of that same real bet placed in your Bet365 account (10€ minimum stake, 1.20 minimum odd);
  • The prize of the 'Bet365 Real Tips Contest' accumulates with the prize of the 'Bet365 Tipster Competition', and it will be paid the same way described in the Bet365 Tipster Competition page;
  • The payment of the prizes is made by bookmaker.
  • Any omissions in these rules shall be resolved by the management. The Betting Academy reserves the right to modify the rules of this contest at any time.

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